The Rules Of Throwing A College Party
September 16, 2013

The Rules Of Throwing A College Party

Yes. They are unspoken rules and, yes, they are more involuntary than others, but it’s best to remind ourselves every once in a while that a person might be smart, but “people” can get too crazy for their own good.

Here are a few simple guidelines to making sure you have a Project X type party, without the Project X repercussions:

1) 21 and Up

I know what everyone here is thinking. “That may take the fun out of it all!” A court date will duplicate the feeling for a longer period. A party is a party and it doesn’t rule out the possibility that the local authorities come knocking at your door at the midnight hour. You will more than likely want to partake in alcohol consumption. Once that happens, you don’t want to be the guy to say that you have been providing alcohol to the people who weren’t of age.

2) Be a great host!

Provide for your guests as much as possible! Grab a couple of your close friends and pitch in some money for the libations and possible food! People will be more tempted to come when they have to bring nothing with them to contribute.

3) Be a firm host!

Become the host with the most. It’s your party; make sure they respect your rules and your space! Don’t be afraid to apply the bottom of the Nike to anyone who says otherwise to your rules.

4) Girl to Guy Ratio – IS CRUCIAL

Usually 4:1 is the right ratio to make sure that your next party will not be a short disappointing late night barbeque with your pals.

5) Music and Games!

Beer Pong, Kings Cup, Flip Cup are some of the main games to play at college parties.  Music always sets the mood. That fun, gimmicky, YOLO music the kids love now-a-days.  (Top 40 Radio Music) (Top 200 Hits)

6) As a reminder see rule #1!


No one likes a wild card. A random at a party could turn into your house into a powder keg. He could be “that guy” or she could invite “those people” and turn your home inside out. However…You could meet your lifelong bro, or the woman of your dreams or it could be “that girl” who invites the one thing you may covet at a party…More females. Play this one with caution, watch for the random activities, and if you see the first sign of trouble, act on it immediately.  This is at your own risk. (Personally, I would tell them NO.)

8) Location, Location, Location

It’s always an issue and it can be annoying. If you are 21 and live with your parents, don’t disrespect your parents’ house and throw one while they are away. There are too many variables to deal with in terms of putting the house the way you left it. If you happen to have your own house or apartment, then go ahead following rule #9.

9) Party Goers!

Watch who you invite! Make sure that you know the people that are going to be in your domicile for the night. The more you know the better. They are less problems you have to deal with.  Once the night is winding down and they are looking to leave after a night of drinking, don’t be afraid to ask every guest to stay and offer them a place to lay their head, or to sober up at least.

10) Have fun man!

This is one of the most important rules here. No one likes a Debbie downer or a Buzz Killington at a party, especially when the host isn’t having fun at all. Have a blast! Otherwise, what is the point?

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