The Smartphone War
March 7, 2013

The Smartphone War

Ah yes, smartphones; we have stumbled upon this subject once again. To be quite honest, they have become man’s new best friend (my bad, Lassie). We’ve gone beyond the point of using them every day to taking sides in an ongoing blood thirsty Operating System war. All of a sudden we’ve gone from casting out those that are technologically inclined to branding the mark of evil on those who don’t know how to jailbreak break an iPhone.

This has become serious business people. Sides have been picked and fanboy flags have been waved. This rivalry is worse than the Xbox vs. PlayStation civil war that is currently being waged on video game website forums day in and day out. I mean, people are now ready to die for their respective operating systems of choice (on second thought, maybe not; but I’m sure it’s coming).

The state of this smartphone war is still up for debate with Android fans claiming that Google has invented the end all be all of interfaces and Apple fans that stand by their product with an epic portrait of the late Steve Jobs In the background. You would have thought that this is where the clash of the titans would end but when it comes to business and the consumer dollar, there are many, many potential suitors waiting for that one chance.

It looks like the war has a new contender fighting for the top spot. Blackberry (yes, I said it) has stepped backed into the ring by making some radical new moves as of late, including making Alicia Keys their new creative director. BB10 is also another trick up the sleeves at the offices at Blackberry. A new phone accompanied by a completely new in house OS that is designed to organize your personal and business endeavors (which has always been a priority since the first Blackberry). Will Blackberry make a comeback in the game or is the company just not relevant enough to garner a mass chunk of the smartphone showdown?

Who knows; but the next company stepping into the mix looks to be a major player, and for good reason.  Mozilla, the creators of Firefox are looking to attain a huge profit from this mass divide of market tastes (don’t act like you didn’t use Firefox  before Google Chrome was invented, because we all know you did). Whether chrome stole its thunder or not, Firefox still has a mass amount of clout within the minds of the public. They are putting this clout to good use with the advent of the Firefox OS, which will hit phones sometime this summer.

The Firefox OS will feature open source development (which I’m guessing will be more open than the Andriod operating system). The one factor that the Firefox OS boasts is that developers will be able to create apps and sell them through the app store and the developers will gain full profits  (so no percentages taken from Mozilla). That thought is an amazing fantasy to developers; but can Mozilla still gain a profit through this business model? Also, another question is whether Mozilla will be considering the possibility of a total infestation of apps carry viruses.

Surely they are taking this all into account.

Wherever your Smartphone operating system tastes lies there’s one thing that is clear to see; this summer will be very exciting for tech junkies.

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