December 26, 2012

The Storm Report Blog For December 26, 2012

Discussion: A strong low pressure system is moving up the East coast this afternoon and will continue to impact the region with heavy snow, heavy rain, mixed precipitation and even severe weather on the south side of the storm system. This low pressure system will move north-northeast over the next 24hrs impacting major cities such as Washington DC, and New York City just to name a few. The heaviest snowfall amounts will be on the back side of the low and will be likely to see snow squalls and lake effect snows once it moves into Buffalo. The Carolina’s will be dealing with the severe weather for the rest of today.

Map Analysis: The map below has our latest image of the storm system which shows the well wrapped up low pressure center near Kentucky and Tennessee this afternoon, while the warm front is now located in the Mid-Atlantic region and extending out to the Atlantic, the potent cold front is now over the Carolinas and extending southward into the Atlantic, with a stationary front setting up over Florida and parts of the Northern Gulf.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Looking at the potential impacts of this storm for certain cities and how they will be impacted.

Washington, DC: (Look for snow/rain for the remainder of today and then possible just light snow overnight before it clears out/Winds will be around 15-25mph later this afternoon/ Temps will remain in the 30’s for most of the event, slowly cooling behind the front).

Baltimore, MD: (Possibility of seeing accumulations of 3-5in of snowfall)(Also a high chance of seeing a mix of ice/snow in the afternoon/Winds will be a modest 20-25mph behind the front/ Temps will fall to the upper 20’s overnight from the lower 30’s right now).

Boston, MA: (Precipitation will start to fill in through the afternoon and evening, with the chance of seeing some accumulating snowfall along with some rain/Winds will be around 15-20mph slowly increasing as the low gets closer tonight and tomorrow./Temps will remain in the 30’s and slowly drop into the 20’s).

New York, NY: (Rain will be mixing with the snow with a chance to see it all turn to snow and get some accumulation by this evening/Winds will be around 15-20mph slowly increasing to around 25mph later this evening/Temps will remain in the Mid 20’s to lower 30’s for the majority of this storm).

Buffalo, NY: (Snow will move into the region throughout the day and at times with the stronger northerly winds we could see the stage setup for moderate snowfall amounts with total accumulations possibly in the 1ft range with isolated higher amounts./Temps will stay in the 20’s along with moderate Northeast to Northwesterly winds throughout  the evening and into tomorrow).

Richmond, VA: (The region is likely to see some thunderstorms mix in early this afternoon and then change over to a Rain/Snow mix this evening and further into a snow event overnight before the front clears completely out of the area/Winds will be from the South early and then shifting to the North by late afternoon and into the evening/Temps will be in the 40’s and slowly fall to the 30’s).

Storm Summary: The storm will continue to deepen as it moves northeastward this will allow for the increase precipitation allowing places to see heavy snow, also we will be watching for a secondary low to develop off the Carolina coast and move northeast out to the open sea.

Featured Image Credit: Photos.com

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