The Storm Report Blog for February 22-23, 2013
February 24, 2013

The Storm Report Blog For February 22-23, 2013

Left Map Analysis: Looking at the latest satellite imagery, we can now see Tropical Cyclone Haruna moving over the southwestern portion of Madagascar, with estimated winds around 80kts and a central pressure around 963mb, the storm will continue to impact the region over the next 24-36hrs with heavy rains and very strong winds along with coastal flooding from storm surge.

Right Map Analysis: Looking at the image on the right we have highlighted in the red circle the current significant impact area of Haruna as its pushing across the southwest part of Madagascar today. The yellow dashed line is the projected forecast path for the storm over the next 24-36hrs, which leaves Madagascar being impacted through the entire time with high winds, storm surge and flooding rains. The colored dots represent the cities in Madagascar that are dealing with tropical cyclone conditions today.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Looking at the potential impacts of this storm for certain cities and how they will be impacted. (These conditions are for February 22-23).

Morondava (White Circle): For the remainder of today, look for winds to be northwest 10-15mph with gust near 30mph. Total rainfall for the rest of today will be around a half to 1.5inches. The temperatures will remain mild in the 78-82F range for the remainder of the period.

Toliara (Yellow Circle): For the remainder of today, the region will see very strong winds from the southeast around 35-45G55mph. There will also be coastal flooding and storm surge around the area, rainfall amounts will be in the two to five inch total. Temperatures for the time period will be in the 76-80F range slightly warming on Saturday afternoon to around 82F.

Tolanaro (Green circle): The region will see winds from the southeast around 45-55G65mph during the remainder of today and into the early part of the morning, while rainfall amounts will be around two to five inches for the storm, along with flooding. Temperatures for the region will be in the 76-80F range for most of the event.

Past 24hr Storm Summary: Tropical Cyclone Haruna has been tracking over the open waters between Africa and Madagascar, creating very rough seas and strong winds over the open waters, the storm has also started to impact the western part of Madagascar with winds in excess of 50mph with stronger gust.

24hr Storm Impacts: The next 24hrs of Tropical Cyclone Haruna will be tricky as it begins to loose strength from going over the terrain of Madagascar, however it will still remain strong enough to create strong winds in the 40-60mph range and also heavy rainfall as some places may still see upwards to five inches of rainfall before the storm leaves Madagascar. The coastal surge will be the biggest problem for the coastal cities as the storm passes from west to east, creating an onshore flow for both the western cities and the eastern cities. The storm will continue on a southeastward course through the southern tip of Madagascar before re-emerging into the Indian Ocean and then farther away from land.

Image Credit: Edw / Shutterstock

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