January 3, 2013

The Storm Report Blog For January 3, 2012

Left Map Analysis: Looking at our latest satellite image we note the region of concern being highlighted in a red circle, this evening the region is still fairly clear, however by evening of the 3rd this will change as a newly formed low will begin to take shape in the region. This low will move slowly towards the West during the time frame.

Right Map Analysis: The right we find our projected storm path as it will begin to develop during the afternoon on the 3rd and slowly push its way eastward towards the Gulf of Mexico, this upper level closed feature will push eastward but at the same time it may weaken enough to not create much problems along the Eastern Portions of Texas before it heads into the Gulf of Mexico and has the potential to re-develop over the warm Gulf waters by Saturday. The yellow arrows indicated our projected track of the storm system out of Texas. If we look at the blue line this is our forecasted area to see snowfall accumulations with some places in extreme Western Texas getting possibly 4 inches or greater. Looking on the map the pink line indicates are forecasted location that could see rain/snow mix together for a period of time before the storm moves through completely by Friday afternoon. These regions could see anywhere from a Trace to 1inch of snowfall as well with rain. Lastly looking at the regions in green this is our area that will see the heaviest rainfall amounts upwards to 0.5in total for this event.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Looking at the potential impacts of this storm for certain cities and how they will be impacted. (These conditions are for January 3-4).

Amarillo, Texas: (The afternoon of the 3rd the region will begin to see cloud cover increase through the night with a chance of seeing some light snow on the morning of the 4th before it moves out of the area. The region could see upwards to a trace of snowfall total/ Winds will begin out of the East around 7-12mph on the 3rd shifting to the West around 7-12mph by the morning of the 4th/Temperatures will start on the 3rd around 19-23F during the morning and warm to around 30-34F by afternoon and then overnight drop again back to around 20-24F by the morning of the 4th).

El Paso, Texas: (The afternoon of the 3rd will see mostly cloudy skies begin to fill into the area, by late afternoon the Rain/Snow will start with the potential of seeing 0.25in of rain along with a trace to one inch of snowfall during this time period, overnight and into the early 4th the region will see mostly snow with total accumulations around 1-3in possible/ Winds will start Easterly 15-20mph and then towards the evening increase to around 20-25mph and then the morning of the 4th they will become Easterly 15-20mph again/Temps for this event will start on the 3rd around 22-26F, with some warming during the afternoon to around 30-34F, before falling back to around 20-24F by early Friday morning).

Austin, Texas: (The region will mostly see Cloudy skies with a chance of Rain and Sleet moving in through the overnight hours on the 3rd and early into the 4th Total Accumulations of 0.25in of rainfall along with Trace amounts of sleet/The winds will not be a big issue as they should remain Easterly 7-12mph through the duration/Temps will be in the 30-34F range before warming to the 40-44F range by the afternoon on the 3rd and then falling overnight back to around 34-38F allowing for some sleet).

Brownsville, Texas: (The region will see most of their precipitation early on the 3rd as the wave pushes up from Mexico it will fall all as rain and begin clearing out by the evening of the 3rd, however the region could see some redevelopment if the low stays together and pushes eastward/Winds for this event will start out as Northeast 7-12mph and then increase by the morning of the 4th to around 10-15mph/ Temps will be on the cool side as the 3rd high temps will peak out around 47-51F, followed by a cooling that night to around 42-46F).

Dallas, Texas: (Most of this event will remain south and west of the area, leaving the region to seeing partly to mostly cloudy skies for the duration/ Winds will start Northwesterly at 5-10mph but shift to the Northeast 5-10 during the late evening of the 3rd/ Temps will be cool to start the period ranging from around 32-36F then warming to around 44-48F before falling back down on the 4th to around 36-40F).

Storm Summary: This storm system has the potential of being a headache for Southwestern Texas especially in the higher elevations where some places could see upwards to 6-8in of snowfall. Many winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories have been posted for the region already in preparation for this storm. Also it is very important that we watch this storm closely as if it is able to hold together and slowly migrate eastward it will enter into the Gulf of Mexico and could become a rain maker along with some wintry precipitation for the Northern Gulf Coast region. This event will start to impact Southwest Texas during the afternoon on the 3rd and with all of this cold air in place it could provide a tricky scenario for some of these places in Southwest Texas that usually don’t have to deal with too many events like this. It is very important that if you live in this region you prepare now for this event.

Featured Image Credit: Photos.com

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