Storm Report Blog For May 29-31, 2013
May 30, 2013

The Storm Report Blog For May 29-31, 2013

Welcome to Hurricane Season 2013 in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Yesterday afternoon, the second tropical system of the season was upgraded to a CAT 1 Hurricane. Hurricane Barbara is currently located to the south-southwest of Mexico and is forecasted to make landfall this afternoon to early evening over the region. Hurricane Warnings have been posted for the region of Mexico to include the cities of Puerto Angel to Barra DE Tonala Mexico. This region is forecasted to have landfall at or very near the area. Winds with the hurricane are currently at 75mph, higher gusts are possible in the region as it makes landfall. There will be the threat of heavy rains, which will lead to mudslides in the higher elevation terrain; also look for weak rotating tornadoes along with storm surge for this area.  It is a little further away from the center from Barra DE Tonala to Boca DE Pijijiapan Mexico. Look for tropical storm warnings, meaning that the area will see tropical storm force winds and also some storm surge, along with flooding rains as the storm makes landfall in the region.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

24HR Forecast: Hurricane Barbara will move over Mexico and quickly loose strength, becoming a tropical storm rapidly after landfall. The storm will continue to move slowly north-northeast over land.  By Thursday evening, Tropical Depression Barbara could begin to move back out over the waters, except this time the Gulf of Mexico. As forecasts have shown, the potential does exist as it enters the warmer waters of the Gulf of Mexico that the storm could re-intensify again. In the next three to five days this storm feature will need to be watched for potential impact anywhere in the Gulf Coast region.

Remember, now is the time to start preparing for the Hurricane Season that starts in the Atlantic June 1. Some will have this storm on their doorsteps come June 1 to deal with right away.

There will be a general slow movement of this storm once it re-emerges into the Gulf of Mexico; it needs to also be considered that if it stays over water for a long time, it could strengthen as well. The upper level wind pattern does look favorable over the next couple of days for this system; however, a trough over the central Plains will be pushing eastward as well. This could have an impact on which way the storm or tropical feature moves in the coming days.

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