The Tokyo Female Masturbation Bar
March 30, 2014

The Tokyo Female Masturbation Bar

In a recent blog about a trip to Tokyo, I talked briefly about the cafes where men can go and have their ears cleaned of wax by doting ladies. Now, I am happy to report the stranger side of Japanese relaxation is not only male-focused. A bar devoted to women and their interest in masturbation ensures that females can find interesting ways to wind down too.

Female masturbation is still very much a taboo subject in Japan. Many women claim not to do it at all, and reasonably reliable sources who have confided their own habits suggest that in many instances this may be true, and not just a case of being unwilling to admit to it. But times are a-changin’, and public discussion of the subject now even has its own venue.

The bar is called Love Joule. It is for women only, unless men are explicitly invited by one of the patrons and are accompanying them. Not unreasonably, single men with insatiable curiosity are not welcome. Behind the bar, where bottles of liquor would usually stand, is a range of vibrators and sex toys of all colors and descriptions.

One might wonder, particularly if one happened to be a man of said curiosity and lack of admittance, if the toys are there in order to be inspected and used and if at some point during the course of an evening, actions started to speak louder than words.

But the general impression is that this is a place for talking, and that the props are simply to aid the imagination. The Huffington Post has a quote from one patron who says:

“I go because it is a safe place and I don’t have to worry about trying to brush off men all the time. Add in that it is also a great place to drink and talk about what we women love to talk about, sex and guys, that’s also a big pull.”

The Huffington Post also says “The spot is already a hit with women in the commercial sex and burgeoning adult film industry, according to its Facebook page, which sites former adult video star Nayuka Mine and model Sayo Hayakawa as customers.”

So the bar certainly has an adult theme, but for most customers it seems that a non-judgemental environment in which to talk about perfectly natural and universal issues is what they seek.

As for those men getting their ears cleaned, I suppose we might be able to see the more innocent side of their habits too. Perhaps they simply want the mundane function of ear cleaning done professionally. It is also suggested that a return to the childhood comfort of having our ears cleaned is what many of the men seek. However, quotes one salon owner as saying “after the ear-cleaning, the girls blow in the customers’ ears to remove any remaining dust. Lots of guys ask the girls to blow a lot.”

Well, let’s be fair, getting complete strangers to blow into your ears for kicks has been taboo for men for a long time in Japan, bless ‘em. Fight for your rights, I say.

Image Credit: Love Joule via Facebook

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