December 22, 2012

The Truth About Your Climate And What You Are Not Being Told

It has come to my attention that lately people are getting mis-fed information about Climate. People are getting told that Climate is going through a change. That is probably the only piece of true information you are being given. Here are some points that I can make to you about your climate and what you need to know.

First, look at the information that is being broadcasted through the news to you it comes from a government official or it comes from these people that have degrees in other fields of study and use the key term behind their name “I specialize in Climate Change”. Really you specialize in climate change how do you specialize in Climate Change? There is no way that you can specialize in Climate Change unless you have a degree in Meteorology or Climatology. I am willing to bet that these people that specialize in take a few courses and call them a specialist in the study. Really that is the same as me I have a degree in Natural Science and Meteorology but I specialize in Politics Please stop already.

Secondly, you will notice the politicians that comment on global climate change they are wish washers back in 2000 they said it was global warming, however in 2010 after a cold 2009 they changed their comments to “Climate Change”, why did they do this because they are politicians and that is what they specialize in going where the people will listen to them the most, so they can get that funding to pay for their special interest at the cost of the public. We refer to these type of people as “Bandwagon Fans”.

Thirdly, the people that have been commented on climate change mostly have degrees in Engineering, which is good, however the atmosphere is more than slapping information on a computer and running alogrithims that put out answers on a computer, if these engineers could take it to the next level and understand the atmosphere and the dynamics of the atmosphere they would have a different approach to the atmosphere.

Next, everyone is sold on the idea that because of the increase in CO2 into the atmosphere from emissions from power plants and dirty industry that the earth is heating, well let me burst your bubble if this is the case why in 1930’s when the dirty industry was introduced to the earth we didn’t see more drastic changes back then and matter of fact we went into a cooler earth in the 1970’s but how is that possible this CO2 is killing the earth right? WRONG… Here is why let’s examine a volcano and how it interacts with the climate, they spew all of this CO2 along with other gases into the atmosphere and after the major eruptions of the past we have actually watched the earth cool behind them. So how is it that possible those volcanoes are emitting CO2 into the atmosphere. So next someone will be like yeah but volcanoes put there CO2 into the Stratosphere that is right they do but how does it get to the stratosphere it travels through the OZONE Layer Hmm…. This means that is also spews CO2 into the troposphere here near the earth just like a power plant that spews its dirty pollution into the atmosphere.

Now on to how these non-meteorological or climatologist say that these storms are getting bigger and stronger than before. Another False statement we have not had any stronger storms than before. What we have had is storms hitting more populated places than before. Example New York City has been hit by other hurricanes in history such as the Long Island Express this storm hit New York and created massive damage to the area, but the population was not that large in the area as it was when Sandy went through the region. Also when Sandy hit the region the right front quadrant of the storm hit New York City. “Meteorological Speaking that is the worst side of the storm to be in it has Storm Surge just like New York and New Jersey seen. Sandy was not any stronger than any other storm on this earth. It’s the growth of population that is making these storms seem worse than before. Of course if you put 20,000 people into a storm’s path or 2 million people in front of a storm of course it will be a lot worst. Also inflation for some odd reason makes the price tags higher of these storms than before along with more people’s belongings getting hit. Population growth is making storms worse than before not the Climate.

Now on to what is really happening with our Earth’s climate this is coming from a person that has a degree in Meteorology so it might be wrong because I am not an engineer or politician.

But, I have this theory in how our earth’s climate works.

You have “Climate Cycles” which is the long pattern over many decades of climate which is made up of smaller things known as Warming trends and cooling trends which make up the cycle. We are now currently in the warming trend of our Climate Cycle. Soon we will be shifting into a cooler portion of the cycle. These cycles are controlled by many aspects such as ENSO phases along with Solar phases. If you want to explain Climate Change the proper way would be to describe that we are changing our climate all the time as its part of our Climate cycle phases, CO2 is not changing our climate like people want you to believe it is.

To understand climate and how it works you really need to have an understanding of Meteorology and also Climatology. So next time you hear Climate Change come from a government run service or a politician or an engineer that is just building the computer model now you know what it means to better understand the concept and how it will not end the earth, and if anything take this into consideration these facts.

#1 Sir Isaac Newton- “For every action there is an opposite reaction”.

#2 For every warm cycle there has to be a cold cycle.

#3 History repeats itself and guess what so does Climate and weather.

Image Credit: Tanawat Pontchour / Shutterstock

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