The Weatherman’s New Footwear
August 21, 2013

The Weatherman’s New Footwear

Everyone has their trend in shoe wear from basketball players, to office employers, to upper management and even golfers. Well, now I am excited to tell you that we weather people can join the fashion patrol in our new shoes.

It’s not often that I get excited about choosing new shoes. I usually just go with the flow and take whatever is on sale. Thanks to Nike, that is all about to change. I will be getting up early on the morning of release and standing in line for about 12 hours just to make sure I get that first pair of shoes. Well, probably not waiting that long. Luckily for me, this type of shoe is a weather fashion, so it might not be a long line and I will be able to just walk in and pick it up.

Nike in a statement said that these new awesome Weatherman shoes will be hitting the stores on September 28, 2013. So, make sure to mark your calendar so that you can join the weather world in these new fashionably awesome shoes.

Nike is making three versions of the shoe. The first is the Doppler Radar; displaying convection on the side of the shoe, it will be like walking with thunderstorms attached to your feet all day. Let it rain. The second version is dedicated to the Air Force in regards to hurricanes and the radar image of a hurricane. The third image is of Thermal advection on a thermal map. Very classy. I think I will be choosing one of the radar ones.

So, fashion patrol, get ready to hit the street and write your tickets, because the weathermen are breaking out in fashion now; not just a suit and tie to work, but now are now weather shoes.

Nike is projecting that once the shoe hits the stores that there will be rapid sell out of these shoes. I know there are a lot of weather people in the world, so this could be very possible, as well as shoe collectors. This would be a great one to add to the shoe collection.

These shoes will be foam packed as well, providing a nice comfortable feeling that will help weather reporters and television weather crew, that have to stand on our feet for long periods of time to be able to enjoy working in more comfort.

So, now is your time to choose. Which shoe will you be wearing? The Foam Post Weather 1, the Air Force 1 Weatherman, or the Foam Post 1 Thermal map?

I would like to send out a personal thank you to Nike for finally putting all the sports players aside and letting us weather people finally get a shoe that fits. We don’t need to walk around in those sport shoes anymore. Next time I hit the track running, you know what shoe I will have on.

Image Credit: Nike

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