The Week In Extremes From Space To Earth For February 9-15, 2013
February 18, 2013

The Week In Extremes From Space To Earth For February 9-15, 2013

Weather information from the Red Planet comes courtesy of Mars Weather. This website has activity attached to the Mars Rover, which is bringing back to Earth real-time weather observations from the planet. As a meteorologist, I find it exciting to be able to see the weather on Mars.

So, for the past week here are some of the extremes that were recorded on Mars near Gale Crater.

The highest temperature occurred on Solar Day 182 when the daytime high on Mars was 6C (42.8F). While the coldest night, on Mars was Solar Day 185 when the overnight low temp hit -68C (-90.004F). The highest pressure that the planet saw for the past Earth week was on Solar Day 171 where the pressure has been around 9.3hpa. One period of warmer high temps occurred during the past Earth week with temps ranging from 6C (42.8F) to 2C (35.6F).

Blasting away from Mars, our next stop takes us the outer space portion of our universe. Here we saw that the sun had its own extremes for the week. This information is according to Space Weather. As of February 15th, we are currently watching a few events unfolding; these events feel like a movie. The first incident occurred early during the day of Friday February 15th; over in Russia, meteorites fell to the Earth injuring many people and causing significant damage to buildings in the region. The second event is going to unfold tonight as it crosses just a little over 17,000 miles within the earth’s atmosphere. This large meteorite is forecasted to travel between Earth and the moon.

Our next stop takes us to the stratosphere. This is where the extremes begin to start impacting the earth. The month of February has been fairly winter like for a good portion of the Northern Hemisphere and the reason is that the stratosphere experienced a warm up late in January that was responsible for this cold February.

Next stop is into the Earth’s lower atmosphere, also known as the troposphere, where the weather occurs. Here, we can see some of these extreme events from the past week that have occurred on Earth. The extremes listed below are according to Cool WX.

Record cold for this past week occurred in Mount Wilson in California where they had a low temp of -73C for the day of February 12, 2013, per the cool weather website records section.

Record heat was recorded in Tambacounda, Senegal where the mercury hit 39C (102.20F) on February 15, 2013.

Other extreme weather events that occurred around the globe this week include; a tropical cyclone that moved through the southern Indian Ocean and remained over open waters; another major event was the two large winter storm systems that moved through the United States dumping feet of snow over the northeast and also the Northern Plains.

This summarizes a week of events from our future planet Mars, all the way through the atmosphere to the Earth’s surface. This is just a summary and some things may not have been included in this report.

Image Credit: yexelA / Shutterstock

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