January 20, 2013

The Week In Extremes: From Space To Earth – January 13-18, 2013

The first part of the extremes is according to the information from Mars Weather. This website has activity attached to the Mars Rover which is bringing back to Earth real time weather observations from the Planet. As a meteorologist I find this enthusing to be able to see the weather on Mars.

So for the past week here are some of the extremes that were recorded on Mars near Gale Crater.

The highest temperature occurred on Solar Day 159 when the daytime high on Mars was 4C. While the coldest night, on Mars was Solar Day 158 when the overnight low temp hit -65C. The highest pressure that the planet saw for the past Earth week was on Solar Day 159 where the pressure has been around 9.2hpa.

Blasting away from Mars our next stop takes us the Outer Space portion of our universe. Here we saw that the sun had its own extremes for the week. This information is according to Space Weather. As of January 18th we currently are on Sunspot 74. The current Solar winds where at 452.8km/sec. The extreme space weather continues with the latest push of the Auroras that are currently being seen over the North Pole as forecasters at NOAA say there is a 30% chance of geomagnetic storms today.

Our next stop takes us to the Stratosphere this is where the extremes begin to start impacting the earth. Just a few weeks ago we had a Stratospheric Warming Event occurred this caused the stratosphere to warm drastically over that time period and in return it forced the troposphere to begin cooling and this is first noted at the North Pole, the delay of this then turns into a cold burst of air that punctures into the Polar region releasing this extreme cold air towards the south. Now this coming week we are going to be seeing a huge outbreak of cold air over the United States courtesy of this Stratospheric Warming Event.

Next, stop is into the Earth’s Lower Atmosphere also known as the Troposphere where the weather occurs. Here we can see some of these extreme events from January 18 that have occurred on Earth. The extremes listed below are according to the Cool WX.

Places over the globe that broke record cold temperatures today include two places in Finland along with two places in the United States and two more stations in Sweden along with one in Canada. Holman Island Airport in Canada has the coldest reading of the record setters at -41.7F.

Places over the globe that broke record warm temperatures today include one place in Sweden along with one location in Norway and the other place was in Angola. Angola had the highest record temperature at 87.8F for the day.

Other Extreme weather events that occurred around the Globe included this week. A tropical Cyclone moving down the Western Shores of Australia along with a Tropical Cyclone that formed south of Diego Garcia. The other big events around the globe included the Snow Storm in the Southern United States when these occur they are labeled rare.

This summarizes a week of events from our future planet Mars all the way through the atmosphere to the Earth’s surface. This is just a summary and some things may not have been included in this report.

Image Credit: Triff / Shutterstock

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