December 21, 2012

The Written Weather Report For Dec 21, 2012:

The Past 24 hours: This storm has brought tremendous snowfall to places in Iowa and also parts of Wisconsin and the Chicago area has also seen some snow. Severe weather this storm has brought an abundance of severe weather over the past 24hrs to places along the Gulf  Coast and also in Florida and portions of the Southeast.

The latest weather discussion: A very potent winter storm continues to make its way northeastward through the Great Lakes and into the Northeast, expect to see cold air to start filtering in behind this system over the next couple of days. Below is some in depth analysis of what can be expected for a select few cities over the next 36hrs.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

New York NY: The next 12hrs will provide the region with Cloudy skies and moderate rainfall with total amounts reaching to near 0.25-0.50in during the time period along with temps in the 45-49F range. Look for strong winds to be Southwest 22-27mph also. Looking into the 24hr outlook we will see the winds slightly decrease to become Southwest around 18-23mph along with clearing skies and temps in the 36-38F range. The extended outlook for 36hrs shows the area with partly cloudy skies and temps in the 36-40F range along with Southwest winds near 15-20mph.

Chicago IL: Looking at the first 12hrs we will see the snow continue to impact the region with an additional Trace to 1inch of accumulation temps will hold around 22-25F, while the winds will be the big story gusting to near 40mph out of the Northwest. Advancing to the 24hr outlook things will begin to improve as the storm passes east of the area, temps will fall to around 15-18F as winds will decrease to around 15-20mph out of the Northwest. Lastly, looking out 36hrs we will notice that the skies will become partly cloudy with winds from the Northwest around 7-12mph and temps in the range of 17-20F.

Baltimore MD: The first 12hrs the region will be dealing with a few lingering showers which could impact the area with about 0.15in of rainfall before it moves out. Winds will be brisk from the Southwest around 15-20mph as temps range from 33-36F during this time. 24hr outlook shows the area clearing out as the winds will be Southwest around 18-23mph as temps stay around the 33-36F range. The extended outlook for 36hrs shows the region staying dry, with winds increasing from the Northwest around 25-30mph as temps fall to around 32-35F.

Boston MA: The next 12hours the region will be dealing with some rain as totals could reach to around 0.25in upwards to 0.50in. The temps will remain mild with temps around 44-47F. Winds will be gusty from the Southeast around 18-23mph. Looking into the 24hr period we will see the rain move out of the region as temps drop to around 33-36F and winds become lighter out of the Southwest around 9-14mph under partly cloudy skies. The 36hr outlook shows the region cooling to around 32-35F with winds from the Southwest around 5-10mph.

Buffalo NY: Looking into the first 12hrs the region will see the snow start to pick up as snowfall amounts will be around a Trace to 1inch, while winds will be Southwest around 7-12mph and temps around 31-34F. Advancing into the next 24hr forecast we will see the snows become heavy as snowfall amounts could be around 2-4in with winds increasing from the Northwest around 17-22mph and temps will begin to fall to around 30-333F. The extended outlook for the 36hr time period shows the heavy snow continuing in the region as the winds will be blowing right off the lake giving way to a chance of seeing 2-4in of snowfall during this time period along  with winds near 25-30mph out of the Northwest. The temps for the time period will fall to around 24-27F.

Storm Summary: The storm will continue pushing northeastward and should clear the Northeast by later in the evening or early Saturday morning and then the strong winds will slowly start to decrease as well, once the winds begin to decrease expect to see the lake effect snows to decrease in coverage and also decrease in intensity for places like Buffalo NY and all the cities that are down wind of the lakes.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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