Thief Video Game Series (Part 1)
March 31, 2014

Thief Video Game Series (Part 1)

Back in the late 1990s, while browsing around the local dollar store, I came across a CD-ROM game called Thief. I forget now what the exact cost was, maybe around five or six dollars, so I read the information about the game on the package. Anyway, it sounded interesting, plus it was a good deal, so I decided to buy it.

When I got home, I installed it onto my dinosaur of a computer that used Windows 98 and began to play. I was pleasantly surprised at the graphics quality and the game didn’t lag, skip or play slowly like some games of today do.

When I started the game, it gave play options and once I set the game up to my specifications and clicked play, the game began with a story introduction. Once the story was over, I was given a mission with objectives to complete to the finish the level. Typical objectives, since you were a hired thief, were to find and collect gold and silver. However, there were other objectives to complete while searching the castles for the loot, at the same time avoiding being caught. Some objectives were to not kill anyone, which was quite difficult once you were seen and were attacked by the guards.

To make a long story short, with the help of the Internet and a cheat sheet, I was able to accomplish all the objectives and defeat all the levels. After months of searching the castle grounds, rooms, dungeons and what ever else was on the screen, it was over with much enjoyment.

A few years later, while in another dollar store, I came across the Thief II: The Metal Age CD-ROM game. The first game was good enough for me to purchase that one also. This game was produced in 2000 and it had better graphics then the first. It followed the same plot and began with a short story.

I spent months playing without the aid of cheat sheets or getting information on how to complete the levels over the net. Finally, after only completing two missions, I became too busy to enjoy the game and decided to free up megabytes of space on the computer and uninstalled it.

Now it is 2014 and I was rummaging through my old CD-ROMs to decide what to do with them. With Windows 8 out there now, most of the older CD-ROMs won’t work on that operating system. However, the computer I use still has XP and I decided to give Thief II: The Metal Age another try.

I installed it and began to play. The first objective was to search the castle for the locked room containing a captured female. The second was to obtain the help of a friend to release her. The third is to get them out of the castle safely. And finally, all that without killing anyone, but you could sneak up behind them and knock them out. Then you can pick them up and hide them so other guards won’t see them. Plus some of the guards will have items on them you can take.

After several hours of being caught, killed or running away from the guards, I was able to finish the first mission. The second mission includes breaking into a warehouse building, stealing at least 500 in gold and silver and then return to where the mission started. The third mission is where I am now and involves finding an item to frame the LT., break into his office and leave the item there, exit the building, all without killing or knocking out more than five guards.

I actually forgot how interesting this game is, but also how hard it is. Wish me luck on completing it this time.

This series is well worth purchasing for its graphics and game play. I also discovered Thief III and Thief IV, which I will cover in my nest post.

Image Credit: Eidos Interactive

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