October 29, 2012

Things That Go Bump In The Night

One of my professional-but-comes-with-no-paycheck jobs is being the lead researcher for Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations. My function is to do all the background work on the residence or business, people involved, history of the area, and everything connected to the allegedly haunted location. In a former life, I was a skiptracer for a repo company and for collection agencies. I found people who didn’t want to be found. I had to use every resource imaginable to get the information I needed to locate debtors. Those skills are very useful in the paranormal realm as well.

My first interest in the paranormal was an experience I had with an apparition when I was 13. It started up again when I was 18 and a close friend died and I began experiencing some bizarre things. Again, when I was 22 when I had a string of very close friends pass away and then there were many extremely strange things that began happening. I found people with a similar interest and we founded a little local investigational group. We cut our teeth on places around the city that were rumored to be haunted. During the time some members of our group had a civil war of types, I was recruited by what I believe to be the most prestigious and reputable investigators in the state, if not the country.

It seems as if I have always been haunted, as a person, perhaps, by other people. There has never been a time when, after looking back, I hadn’t had some sort of experiences going on in my homes. I also think that it’s sort of like they can pick me out of a crowd – the entities – and they hang out with me because they know I will treat them with respect, dignity, and give them a chance to say what they need to say or, in most cases, just be validated. Needless to say, it was no big surprise when I showed up to an historic bed and breakfast in Round Top, Texas, for a work conference and found an interesting note left the night before about my room being haunted.

Image Credit: Angie Mohle

I never did find any evidence of that being true while I stayed there, but I still found it interesting.

On a trip to San Antonio, I visited the famous haunted tracks. This is a legend that exists all over the country and San Antonio is no exception. It’s a similar myth all over; a school bus full of children stalls on the tracks, a train hits them and they all die. Because the ghosts of the children don’t want it to happen to anyone else, if you put your car in neutral, they will push your car over the tracks so you don’t die as well. Many people put baby powder on their bumpers or trunk lids to expose the “children’s fingerprints,” but that’s just residual oil from the living people who have touched the car. The movement of the car over the track itself is a trick of the eye and is easily debunked as being a paranormal event. Nevertheless, I had to get a picture and video of my experience of getting “pushed over the tracks” in San Antonio.

Image Credit: Angie Mohle

One of the most haunted places in Houston is the Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant in downtown, located on the banks of Buffalo Bayou. I won’t get into the history because you can find it yourself if you care, but I’ve experienced my fair share of crazy stuff while eating there. LSSPI often reserves the entire upstairs to conduct our meetings. Something always happens while we’re there.

One time, I went into the bathroom while everyone else was eating, and I heard a catcall in my ear, right inside my fully-enclosed stall. Another time, there was an entity that continued to move dining chairs in a different section of the upstairs, even after we’d moved them back. My most favorite experience was when I was early for a meeting and was the first to arrive. I went upstairs with my computer and purse and then went back downstairs to ask the manager if she could bring up our salt, parmesan, silverware and whatnot. When I came back up, there was one salt shaker on the table next to ours and one on the floor right next to its accompanying chairs.

Image Credit: Angie Mohle

Just like living people, spirits have all types of personalities. I seem to attract jokers because out of 99% of the location we investigate that actually have some kind of activity going on, they always pull my hair.

Author Mary Shelley wrote a book that featured what monster? (Make sure the answer is “plural”, as in it ends with an “S”.)

I’ve got so much more I could talk about; creepy stories that would be more appropriate to the Halloween season but I figured just telling a blogful of stories is pointless. I have more pictures of anomalies – take it for what it’s worth and make your own meaning – and I have EVP – again, take it for what you will – but will spare you the scans of actual 35mm prints and voice recordings on micro-cassettes.

Whether you believe or not, I can attest that there is more to this earth than what we see. It’s not just a Halloween thing; it happens all the time. They surround all of us. They’re in our homes, our places of business, and out in the country. From what I can tell, most times, they don’t even realize we’re here. The ones in my house don’t even acknowledge me. Honestly, I enjoy that coexistence.

Featured Image Credit: Photos.com

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