This Is How GTA V’s Stock Market REALLY Works
October 2, 2013

This Is How GTA V’s Stock Market REALLY Works

So, I’ve noticed that players generally do not understand the economy of GTA V, and hence, the stock market of the game. It can be quite a confusing process, and many of you have voiced your concerns on the forums and news sites for Grand Theft Auto V. I myself have played through three separate campaigns of the game, and I have emerged enlightened. I’ve finally caught on to the natural trend of the game’s stock market, and I will reveal the secrets of this game’s economy in 4 very easy steps.

Keep in mind that to achieve this feat of understanding about the game, you’ll have to repeat an entirely new campaign for a speed through. In this assessment, I’m going to give you the best tips to make a maximum of about two hundred million dollars upon completion.

Crew Members

Crewmembers are the most important aspect of understanding how to make a profit from the game’s heist missions. As aforementioned, it isn’t wise to give the large cut crewmembers much time simply because they require a large cut. But, before I get to that, understand that there are two very important members that you must recruit. When you’ve progressed far enough into the story to search for them, be sure to lookout for these random events.

The first is Taliana Martinez, a driver out to get a cut of the sweet money action in San Andreas. When you meet her, she’s sprawled alongside the highway next to a burning car. If you should choose to save her, Taliana will become your favorite heist member forever. Notice that her skills are already moderately good, yet she only charges a .05 percent cut of the profit from the heist. This effectively means that Taliana can give you the same general work as another high-end heist member, for a third of the pay.

Taliana can be found on the east side road going north toward Mt. Chilliad.

The second crewmember is Rickie, the software programmer from Lifeinvader. Most of you might remember Rickie’s recent involvement in the assassination of Jay Ross on the press conference of Lifeinvader’s new phone announcement. Since the stock shares of Lifeinvader have gone down so drastically since his death, Lifeinvader’s stocks have also plummeted. Rickie’s stocks are worthless, and he’s in desperate need of a job. Like Taliana, Rickie charges only a .05 percent cut of the profit from the heist. If you use the both of these characters on all the heists that are available, you can maximize your final heist profits to a maximum of about forty million dollars.

Rickie can be found in the natural progression of the story for Michael.

Hiring low level heist members for a lesser cut ensures that you are giving yourself more money. Not only this, but if a low level ally dies in a heist, you can be sure to pick up his loot to get an even larger cut of his profits! This will also give you the ability to develop a more character centric story for your heist missions instead of having plain, bland members that do their job really well.

But before I get ahead of myself, I’ll allow you some time to let this sink into your noodle. More on this easy process in the blogs to come!

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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