This Is Not A Test: Zombies On The Loose In Montana
February 16, 2013

This Is Not A Test: Zombies On The Loose In Montana

Montana Television Network broadcasted a zombie warning on the Emergency Alert System of Great Falls affiliate KRTV and its CW station on Monday.

Between movies and television shows like AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, the fear of an impending zombie apocalypse is rising in popularity.

The video game industry is no different. The popular first person shooter Call of Duty, which had its humble beginnings simply as a war game, has added zombie modes to its more recent titles.

Zombies are everywhere!

Some hackers wanted to be sure that very same message got out to the potential victims of the brain eating walking dead.

During an airing of the Jerry Springer talk show spin off, The Steve Wilkos Show, the Emergency Alert System of Great Falls Montana aired an unscheduled alert that said, “dead bodies are rising from their graves and attacking the living”.

As a young couple argued about infidelity on the stage of the Wilkos Show, that heinous buzzer sound unsuspectingly chirped in above their discussion while a blue ticker scrolled by atop the screen listing counties in danger.

Within an hour, the alert was recorded and uploaded to YouTube. You can see footage of the actual on air alert here.

According to The Telegraph, “The message was quickly removed and KRTV broadcast an apology.”

The geniuses at the network quickly broadcast a follow up message explaining there is actually no emergency and “its engineers are investigating.”

All preppers, please stand down. The zombies aren’t here. Yet.

Aside from the few cases of zombified children in Africa suffering from malnutrition accompanied by a virus, we all know zombies as they’re shown in the movies and games are not real.

Whether people believe that a zombie apocalypse is truly possible or not is a matter for another day, but there’s no denying the pop culture acceptance of zombies.

Recently, I’ve seen several college students sporting rubber live strong-like bracelets emblazoned with the words “I Love Zombies”. Alongside the bracelets there’s a line of toys and clothes dedicated to Cartoon Network’s cartoon television show, Monster High.

Popular ammunition manufacturer Hornady has also began manufacture and sale of zombie ammunition. Yes, zombie bullets. They’re called Zombie Max, and they’re actually marketed specifically for the slaughter of the undead.

Popular firearms companies like Ruger and Colt are even going as far as making zombie versions of their already popular handgun models. Firearms accessories companies are doing the same. Usually the gear is a varying combination of neon green with black and red splatter designs.

I don’t actually believe in zombies, but I guess some folks do.

Despite the hackers’ successful attempt at a practical joke, I can’t honestly wrap my head around the idea of people preparing for a zombie apocalypse, but I guess if there’s a will there’s a way, and the hackers’ message was definitely heard.

Those who are prepared in Montana had a close call on Monday, but according to subsequent reports, there were actually no zombies.

A sigh of relief can be heard from preppers everywhere while the engineers at the Montana network are sweating bullets.

Image Credit: solarseven / Shutterstock

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