This Robot Wants To Put Its Bristles All Over Your Smartphone
February 13, 2013

This Robot Wants To Put Its Bristles All Over Your Smartphone

It’s not pleasant to think about, but the simple truth is that we’ve a tendency to be disgusting, revolting creatures. We try not to be, of course. We bathe, use soaps and lotions, and lather our bodies with all manner of products to fight off the unpalatable inevitability. After all, no human body can exist for more than seven days only to smell like a bouquet of fresh roses. Yet, for all we do to maintain a certain level of hygiene, we sometimes blank out on some of the basics.

We like to carry our smartphones and tablets with us everywhere — including the bathroom. We also do *other* things in the bathroom, and sometimes these things — these tiny, microscopic things — get carried around with us and on our devices. We then continue to paw at these touchscreens and even put them up to our faces. What’s more, the creators of these electronic devices don’t have a proper suggestion on how to kill the bacteria living on these screens without killing the protective coatings.

Now, one Japanese company has a cure for what ails these disgusting, bug-covered devices.

The AutoMee S is essentially a tiny Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner made just for smartphones and tablets. Not only are these little critters more fun than using basic lint-free cloths (the manufacturer’s recommended way to clean a screen) they can also get rid of most of the bacteria that lives on these screens, just like the microfiber cloths they’ll replace.

The little robotic cleaner will start at around $17 when it finally launches in Japan next month. While you’ll no doubt get a kick out of watching this little puck of a robot pick all of the fingerprints and lines from your device, you might want to stick to the microfiber cloth if you’re in a hurry. These little buggers use sensors to detect the edges of the device to keep from falling off, yet for as smart as they are, they’re estimated to take nearly 10 minutes to fully clean a “typical” tablet.

(“Typical tablet” means iPad, of course.)

The AutoMee S can restore a sparkling clean surface to a smartphone in just under 4 minutes.

To be fair, the AutoMee S robotic servant doesn’t do a better job of cleaning getting rid of bacteria than your basic microfiber cloth.

These little cloths are capable of removing 99% of bacteria that resides on a touchscreen.

Ah, but can they do it with the same amount of pizzaz, style and cutesy Japanese eccentricity as the AutoMee S?

Doubtful. Very doubtful, indeed.

Remember, dear readers; Your smartphone is your friend.

It’s not nice to keep your friend covered in fecal matter.

But it is nice to buy your friend a cute little robotic companion to keep it sparkling clean.

And besides, maybe your smartphone or tablet have been looking forward to the kind of deep clean only thousand tiny bristles can deliver.

Image Credit: Takara Tomy

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