February 5, 2013

THQ Assets Being Sold

The ship for the once great publishing giant has sailed, and with its death, a large number of people are out of jobs. I’ve seen this occurrence all too many times in the past five years since I’ve been gaming. Too many times for one teenager to see in such a short period of time.

What’s even stranger to think about is how many developers from the original Xbox days that I never saw make a comfortable transition over to the 360. Does that say something about how memorable those games must not have been for me to not have a memory of them? Probably, but I don’t think it’s worth making an argument out of.

What we’re here for is to discuss the future of the developers that were fortunate enough to be offered publishing by THQ before its collapse late last year. It’s been a very difficult few months for the game creators and game players, altogether.

SEGA has agreed to buy Relic, the guys who pushed Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. You probably remember SEGA most from the days of Sonic the Hedgehog, Jet Set Radio and Phantasy Star Universe. You need not worry about their dedication to games, as it’s clear they commit the utmost amount of passion and enthusiasm to the games they publish. Here’s to the prospering and future existence of SEGA’s endeavors with Relic.

Koch Media, the guys publishing Dead Island, have agreed to purchase the rights to Volition. Most notably, everyone knows Volition’s development on the Saints Row series has gained some critical acclaim amongst free roam enthusiasts and fan boys alike since the third installation made its splash on the gaming world back in 2011. Damn, has it been that long already?

We should keep our eyes on the calendar, folks.

Here’s to Koch Media leading the reins of Saints Row in the right direction for its future goals with Volition.

Crytek, whom all of you have to know as the publishers behind the upcoming first person blockbuster Crysis 3, have bought the publishing rights to the Homefront series. This is exceptionally great news for Homefront fans who were disappointed to see Homefront’s development cancelled by THQ after inadequate sales figures for the original IP.

Now it seems Crytek is in talks of developing a second Homefront!! WHOOOOT!!!

Take Two Interactive have their eyes set on Turtle Rock Studios’ somewhat secretive project named Evolve.

Finally, Ubisoft has purchased the publishing rights to South Park: The Stick of Truth. This is particularly exciting, because once again, South Park is a game a lot of us didn’t want to see pass us by. Ubisoft is most popular for their work with the Assassin’s Creed franchise, which has spanned 5 HD console games, as well as a handful of handheld games devoted to the Assassin lore.

If they devote as much to South Park as they did towards the past six years of Assassin’s Creed, we have a solid AAA title on our hands.

Sadly, Vigil Studios’ license could not be acquired in time. Vigil Studios was most prominently known for their work with the Darksiders series’, a third person, single player game that has you playing as War, one of the four horsemen of The Apocalypse.

To all those employees who’ve lost their jobs, I extend my sincerest apologies. I know it isn’t easy at all to devote so many years of your life to a company, only to have it dissolve through no fault of your own. With hope, you will find future projects and companies that will be more than happy to value your work experience.

On a brighter note, perhaps THQ’s dissolution might have been a positive for the sake of video games THQ never bothered to continue. The Red Faction and WWE series’ are still under wraps for a possible buyer. We may not see these titles in the foreseeable future.

My hopes are for the best!

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