TMNT: Rooftop Run Review
May 5, 2013

TMNT: Rooftop Run Review

Turtle power is back and now ready to take over your iPhone and iPad.

Your favorite heroes in a half-shell are back in your life to give you all the fun you can handle (for $1.99 USD of course).

This time our heroes are running (a lot) and as the gameplay implies the title of the game is TMNT: Rooftop Run. The game is a fast paced two-dimensional platformer with three-dimensional graphics in which the turtle of your choice will jump across (you guessed it) various rooftops to complete various levels, all the while the stages get progressively more and more difficult.

Power ups and collectible coins are a definite in this gorgeously-rendered, cell-shaded plat-former.

The gameplay is pretty simple. Your half-shelled hero sprints his little green legs on forth and it is up to you, the player to tap on the screen in order to time his jumps correctly or it could be his doom. Another factor that could be his doom is the abundantly plentiful bad guys standing in your way to protect the city from harm’s way and if you don’t attack first then it might be your turtle’s swan song.

The fun kick is that the collectable coins that I mentioned earlier can be used to purchase new characters, new abilities and new power ups which in turn adds an RPG element to the mix.

This is all the makings of your classic, run of the mill two dimensional side-scrolling plat-former, but with the mutant turtles in the mix (which makes it awesome!). The good thing is that this little app is available today in the app store.

I will warn you now though, the game has its fair share of long loading times and may crash from time to time, but would you really give up the chance to play as the teenage mutant ninja turtles?

One more thorn in its side; the game can get choppy, especially when there is a lot going on at one time. Sure, the arrival of updates and patches address these problems and maybe could even add more content to the game. We could be looking at a full-fledged smash hit the likes of Angry Birds and Temple Run.

With all of these shortcomings, the game still manages to be quite entertaining and is easy on the eyes. I’m judging that from brand recognition and the kids out there with iOS devices, this game could make a pretty decent profit and could even lead to a sequel.

All in all, I can see myself playing this in between layovers and delays of flights during the brutally hot summer months.

It may not be the perfect game, but it can improve through complaints and updates. Summer is coming and there will a lot of games hitting IOS and Android devices to help ease your road-trips or plane flights, but this one stands out from the crowd. Maybe it’s the turtles or maybe it’s the gameplay.

Either way, if you are tired of the apps that currently occupy your home screen then TMNT: Rooftop Run should be the next game on your to do list.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

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