December 29, 2012

To Infinity And Beyond: Disney Infinity

It looks like good ol’ Disney is developing a new app for the iPhone, iPad and Android enabled devices.

Releasing in early January 2013, the project looks to be more than just an ordinary run of the mill app, according to information leaked to Polygon. The project actually turns out to be a game called Disney Infinity and combines all of Disney’s iconic characters and franchises together in a free roaming, sand box type game. Just think of Minecraft meets Grand Theft Auto (sorry guys, no prostitutes). From the looks of the screen shots, the players will be able to take control of said beloved Disney characters and visit iconic locations from all over the nostalgia map.

I can’t wait till I see grown men breathing all heavily and gawking all over their iPhones, traveling to the scenes out of the movies they use to pacify their kids.

Oh the irony.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the Pixar roster was a part of the picture as well? Toy Story, Cars and The Incredibles look to play a big role in the game also. Moving along, the most enticing part of the project (if the Disney characters and locations weren’t enough) is there’s this thing called the rumpus room where players can create anything their nostalgic little hearts desire. This is where the Minecraft influence comes to play. Instead of the open terrain of Minecraft, players will be able to roam a child’s bedroom (which is probably the only appropriate time an adult can parade around a child’s bedroom) and create monuments, temples or weapons of mass destruction.

Creativity is the key here. I posted an article earlier in the year about how Disney was making an attraction that would let visitors to Disney World create their own virtual cars. It may seem that the execs over at the house of mouse are taking a new approach for 2013. This looks to be the new trend in the coming year for those guys, not only giving you memories, but letting you create your own.

Will this be the game that dethrones Angry Birds? Who knows, but if anyone can do it then most likely Disney would be the one to do so. If not, then they would probably just buy Rovio and end this endless vendetta against the top spot of mobile gaming.

What I am interested in is if The Walt Disney Company decides to throw in some franchises from the other corporations it has managed to get its hands on like Marvel Comics and LucasFilm. Imagine playing as Spider-Man, web slinging through a galaxy far, far away. Or even picture the X-Men on a quest to find some artifact that would make Indiana Jones green with envy.

I’m just saying they have quite an opportunity to have something big on their hands here (and put it in yours). Disney is taking a big step by investing so much into an iOS and Android game, but it may pay off in an incredibly huge way.

Look for more information next year, which luckily for you is in a few days.

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