Tone Down The Sexy To Turn Up The $$$: Playboy’s New App
April 7, 2013

Tone Down The Sexy To Turn Up The $$$: Playboy’s New App

Wait, what? Playboy’s gonna make more money by putting more clothes on the girls? That doesn’t even make sense. How’s that possible? Apple, that’s how.

Hugh Heffner has made millions on the backs of beautiful young babes (literally) posing steamily for the camera. The typical reply when your wife finds your shoebox of magazines is usually something to the effect of, “But honey! I got ‘em for the articles. I promise.”

Now it can be true. Kind of.

The part about downplaying the naked women and emphasizing the articles can be true, but the whole shoebox thing is out because Playboy’s movin’ into the App Store, baby.

Late and sorely missed Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously explained the iPad and iOS platforms as “freedom from porn.” That sounds great for parents like my wife, and me, but it’s a real ball-buster when you’re cashing in on images of women wearing next to nothing.

So, how’s Playboy going to make more money by showing less skin? That’s the only way they can get their app on Apple’s famed App Store.

As reported by Apple Insider, “Given Apple’s noted vigilance in preventing any pornographic content from making it onto iOS screens through the App Store, the magazine’s editors had to take a different route when developing the just-launched iPhone app.”

“The new iPhone app isn’t Playboy’s first go at targeting Apple’s platform. In 2011, the company launched an uncensored “iPad app,” which was really a digital reproduction of its magazines, formatted for display on Apple’s bestselling tablet.” The original version was just more of a specialized web page, and Hugh Hefner’s app didn’t make it through Apple’s approval process.

Playboy’s Director of Digital Content, Josh Schollmeyer, told USA Today, “It forces us to use our imagination to be a little bit more creative.”

That extra dose of imagination and creativity conjured up a much more pacified app with no nudity. None. At. All.

When you first open the app there’s a brief video clip of a beautiful young lady dancing around in an unbuttoned shirt as if she’s going to reveal the contents behind it, but she quickly closes the shirt and signals, with her pointer finger wagging left to right, no no. Not happening, buddy. She freezes in place and the Playboy logotype appears above/behind her head.

Then it loads and you swipe left and right to view the content categories. The Good Life, The Girls, The Articles, and The Vault are your choices for categories. Once tapped, they’ll reveal several subcategories, and all this is done in the most elegant, sleek, simple way possible. The design is impeccable, and I absolutely love it.

As of right now, the new app is only available to apple users, but “Should the new app prove successful, editors say digital users can expect to see more of the magazine on other platforms, as the magazine’s editors expect to start rolling out versions for tablets and other smartphones over the next year. However, users might not necessarily wind up seeing more of the models, even when the apps are released outside of Apple’s content constraints.”

When you download the app, it’ll go into your newsstand, so don’t waste your time scrolling around looking for it; despite its lack of nude women, it is still a magazine after all.

“The Playboy iPhone app is available as a free download in the iTunes App Store. The in-app subscription model has three tiers: $2 for 30-day access to unlimited content and downloads, $11 for six months’ access, and $20 for a full year’s access.”

Image Credit: Playboy

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