ToneFone Builds Definition While Texting
March 21, 2014

ToneFone Builds Definition While Texting

When I get a new phone, I almost always get a case for it. Let’s not mention that the phone I upgraded to last month is still naked. I’m still checking out my choices. One of the qualities I look for is something that’s going to protect my phone from dings (or worse), but doesn’t add a lot of bulk. A new iPhone case goes in the exact opposite direction. The ToneFone actually adds weight so that carrying it around and lifting it to text will actually add definition to your arms.

The ToneFone, available from the UK seller DesirableBody, is available in 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) or 1.5 kilogram (3.3 pound) weights. The ToneFone costs $38 and $42 respectively and fits the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S. Time Magazine reports that the ToneFone will be available in April. It comes in white, with space grey and gold versions coming in June.

What weighs down a phone case? The ToneFone is made with 100 percent British steel, with a rubber coating. The rear portion is ergonomically shaped so it can be held for doing curls. Though if you hold it to do curls, it’s not exactly in the optimal position for doing curls, or any other light weight training. You also want the phone to be still, and not in motion, when you want to use it.

If you do opt to spring for the ToneFone, shipping to the US will run about $11.50. It is a novel idea, though one we think might end up being stored alongside that thigh master and yoga mat. It is probably not a bad idea to take along with you on a long walk or run. You can carry it along, switch hands to work on both arms, and the weight and rubber coating will protect the phone if it slips from your grasp. I wouldn’t advise the ToneFone as a primary case. It will not only weigh down any purse, but probably wear any purse or bag out. There are times when you might want to lift weights, and times you don’t. This is a great alternate case for your phone, to use in those occasions when you want to do a few curls. And then when you swap the ToneFone out for your slimmed-down case.

One thing to mention here is that the ToneFone doesn’t exactly seem to be optimal for either using the phone or doing weight training. Another point is that for the cost, you can get a case for your iPhone and two- or three-pound weights for the same price, or less.

I will argue that if this is what it takes to get you to do some weight training, then please do get the ToneFone. The weighted case might pair up nicely with an exercise app that demonstrates how use proper form, and how to do more than just curls with your ToneFone. If this will get you motivated, then it is the tool for you.

Image Credit: DesirableBody

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