Tony Stark Comes To Disneyland
April 19, 2013

Tony Stark Comes To Disneyland

Iron Man 3 is just right around the corner and everyone from all walks of life is crawling out of the woodwork and jumping for joy. The crew is excited to be finally wrapping up production, the fans are giddy for some new cinematic goodness and Disney just can’t possibly contain their excitement for yet another payday.

Of course, when a new summer blockbuster hits the home stretch towards the release day, studios bombard you and your helpless family with related merchandise and promotions.

You’ve seen this before; new toys for the kiddies, new video games for the teenagers and actors and actresses hitting all of the late night talk shows in order to rally up the older crowd.

For the release of Marvel-Disney’s latest hit in the making, Disney has well… thrown a curve ball in the situation with the audience.

Disney has just opened up a new attraction in the original Disneyland in Anaheim, reports IGN.

The exhibit goes by the title of “Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries.” Those Imagineers sure do know how to put together a show judging from all of the press photos and specs. One extremely noticeable feature in this exhibit is Tony Stark’s Hall of Armor, ripped straight from the fictional home of Mister Stark himself. Set up just like the movies, The Hall of Armor has all of the suits from the first Iron Man movie, Iron Man 2, The Avengers and, of course, the crowned jewel: the Mark 42 from Tony’s latest outing in Iron Man 3.

Just for the record, the Imagineers have pointed out that these suits are the genuine Armors used in each of the films, they are not replicas (so I’m guessing no fingerprints… or else).

Being able to step into Tony Stark’s workshop isn’t the only thing to see here.

The attraction also contains a simulator game called “Become Iron Man” which players will look into a camera to see the Mark 47 Iron Man suit pieces cling to them like a mosh pit of Tony Stark groupies (or like how the suit pieces cling to him in the movies).

Basically, it’s just like the wave of motion controlled phenomena that hit the home gaming consoles (but this is a bit cooler… ok, a lot cooler).

This, plus a lot of other Iron Man goodness, should quench the thirst of ready fans until September, at which time the exhibit will be history. If you have been saving up your chips for a trip to Disneyland, I wouldn’t blame you if you cashed out now to check out the world of Tony Stark.

Did I also mention your guide through this magically, scientifically advanced place will be none other than JARVIS which is voiced by none other than Paul Bettany? So all of you uber fans out there can have the full Stark Industries experience.

Well, with all of that said, I guess the only thing you have to do before you punch a ticket now is suit up!



Okay, fine.

Image Credit: Eric Goldman / IGN

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