December 6, 2012

Top 5 Best Biological Boosts From Toxic Waste

Trespassing the boundaries of reality and common sense to spend five minutes day dreaming about the things I’d do with a super power of my choice. Let’s get into it!!!

In some, or most comic book hero origin stories we began to understand the difference between naturalistic or genetic super powers as opposed to the cause-effect relationships. Heroes like The Toxic Avenger and Spiderman are cause and effect super heroes, abilities and superpowers as a lifestyle are forced upon them as contradictory to their original lives.

These guys deal with a massive amount of stress and constant internal conflict over whether or not they want to be who they are. Ghost Rider, Batman, The Incredible Hulk-these men all deal with conflicting attitudes towards who they should be and how they deal with life.

Now the naturalistic elemental character is the guy who’s born with his abilities. Obviously it will be disputable between the lines of infant and still developing child on whether or not the character is naturalistic in nature. Pun intended. And still, beyond the accolades and merits of the strongest and most influential of heroes, we’re left with the question of which hero is the best. So let’s look at a list of my personal (And as unbiased as I could possibly make) opinion on which powers would be the absolute neatest and revolutionary.

Let’s get it!!!

I’m old fashioned. Super Strength stands to me as one of the most originally awesome super powers without the uses of gadgets. It’s very empowering-and not to mention kinda cool for the average Joe who can’t lift past 150 pounds.

You poor, sad pathetic little man you.

The ability to shape shift with the environment. Spontaneous texture compiling with metal, glass, wooden and even water elements. I originally took the imagination of this after watching the first cinematic performance of Bruce Banner’s father-portrayed by Nick Nolte. The special effects artist behind this movie really opened my mind to the possibilities that can be achieved with a power like this.

Used for the greater good, of course.

Show me someone who doesn’t think super speed is awesome, and I’ll show you a unicorn.


I will.

Super speed is thought of as the ability to move fast – that’s about it. Now the level of speed is completely within the interpretation of the individuals but I’d like to think that its a bit unhealthy to have the speed of doing ten miles within half of a second.

That’s excessive. You spend too long feeling like a god.

Often times people underestimate the power and influence of this ability. Do you realize how many ghost cults you can start with this? How many families on welfare you can save? How many bars of soap you can steal?

I like soap.

Respect it.

Yes, it does make you a super hero.

And here’s why: Immortality is the ingenious ability to withstand the tests of aging time and erosion on the human body with everlasting youth and life. This power is limitless because while being human, you have centuries – entire millenia to practice your craft of martial arts and language mastery. Why do you think Morgan Freeman is such a badass?

The guy is immortal.

And there ya have it!!!

Let me know what ya think in the comments!!!

Image Credit: Photos.com

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