November 26, 2012

Top 5 Best Free Roams On PC

In this carefully detailed examination of free roam games, we give you a clear idea of what your next open world journey should be!

Open world/Free roam video games have been a bit of a soft spot for me since the age of ten years old. And like many others my age that soft spot began its mutation with Grand Theft Auto 3. Now while GTA3 was experienced on PlayStation 2, I never forgot the dark humor and sarcastic nature of the atmosphere that was Grand Theft Auto.

I hardly understood why Maurice Chavez yelled at his co-hosts about their terrible hygiene and lack of sexiness, nor did I comprehend the logic behind deliberately garnering six wanted stars to fight the military. But as a gamer in his youth, I understood that it was quite pleasurable and calming to lose myself for hours and hours in Liberty City.

That was my experience.

As I got older my experiences on the HD consoles grew, flourished, and eventually faded when I built my first PC. While I do still return to Xbox 360 for the occasional Halo fix, I can never forget the awesomeness and technical superiority that my PC has given me for the past few months.

And I’m happy to say that that experience has been replicated across dozens of different game genres for millions of happy gamers to indulge.

Here’s an advisement of some of my favorite free roams on PC-They’ve been carefully compiled and reviewed for your aesthetic needs!

5) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas-2005

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto: SA came into the PlayStation 2 era in the final years of that particular console movement when gamers still doubted the processing and graphical prowess of the PS2. Luckily for the individuality and remarkable skills of the boys and girls at RockstarGames, San Andreas became our most beloved GTA title-as well as one of the most entertaining free roams in video game history.

You began your journey as Carl Johnson in the ever so sunny California at the dawn of the gangsta rap age in 1991 in Los Santos. While the journey was innovative and a sure promise of hundreds of hours to come, we could only stop in gaze in jaw dropping awe as our minds were blown by over twenty kilometers of free roaming  in so many different terrains and internments. A sure fire way to lose yourself in a fantastically built world!

4) Just Cause 2-2010

Image Credit: Square Enix

Just Cause 2 had already made a very decent impression on the gaming industry with its large maps and high octane action sequences that kept our attention spans for so long. It was only a matter of time before such a great game got its much deserved sequel in 2010.

And what a splash of beauty it did make!!!

With HD textures rendered in such a high resolution, amazing and ultra realistic lighting and over 300 usable vehicles to travel by land, sea and air-Just Cause 2 is a sure candidate for at least 50 hours of game play! If you haven’t picked it up on PC, ya need to.

3) Assassins Creed: Brotherhood-2011

Image Credit: Ubisoft

If you haven’t played the Assassins Creed series, then you are a sad, sad human being. A wonderful blend of historical, science fiction and amazing story elements-this game series made a name for its self fin the 21st century as one of the greatest video game franchises to ever exist. Brotherhood easily became my favorite-quick and easy yet concise combat, large 15th century Italian set pieces recreated for your full exploration and enough targets to sink my blades into over, and over again.

This game took wonderful control of navigation of parkour and climbing buildings hundreds of feet tall, and utilized combat effective controls so that you can fight up to 50 different guards at ONCE!!!

Clocking in easily at over thirty hours of game play, Assassins Creed Brotherhood is a must have for all free roam fans and historical enthusiasts who love utilizing the awesomeness of environment to your advantage.

2) Fallout: New Vegas-2010

Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

Finally, I can begin my fanaticism of Bethesda Soft works. These guys really aren’t combated in anyway when it comes to open world. In fact, every free roam they make practically redefines how we see an open world game! Bethesda gets into this habit of making sequels to The Elder Scrolls and Fallout Series (With the exception of Dishonored), and every time they do our views are revolutionized  with new implementations of  RPG elements and even larger maps.

New Vegas made a splash on the scene as a full on disc continuation of Fallout 3. While most consider Fallout 3 more graphically and aesthetically impressive than its predecessor I happened to enjoy very thoroughly the style of 1950’s swing jazz mixed with 24th century apocalyptic free roam. Dozens of bizarre enemy designs thrown onto a map that spans for hours and hours in every direction of endless free roaming goodness are just the beginning stages of the awesomeness from Fallout: New Vegas. If your into Nuclear war, you’ll love it.

If not, perhaps you’ll enjoy Bethesda’s other free roaming revolution:

1) The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim-2011

Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

Revolutionized doesn’t even begin to explain the advancement of Skyrim over its predecessor Morrowwind. Boasting the largest map that Bethesda has ever included in a single game from their selection, Skyrim has become the gateway free roam game for hundreds of millions of gamers both on PlayStation and Xbox.

So why do I advise playing on PC?

Simple: Mods.

Unlike the dogmatic nature of the console generations with their monthly xbox live fees and user agreements and warranties that pretty much ban you from using modded software to enhance the experience of your game-Bethesda actually encourages that you utilize the aspect of mods as much as possible.

And the modded community is huge!!!

Hundreds of thousands of dedicated freelance game designers that pay very close attention to game updates so that they can invent new texture packs and add ons that they’ve created sheer for the enjoyment of the game.

And they’re just lending you a bit of that enjoyment!!!

Featured Image Credit: Photos.com

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