Top 5 Co-op Games
March 30, 2013

Top 5 Co-Op Games

Gamers spend so much time shooting each other down in competitive multiplayer games and calling one another unforgivable names that they tend to forget about a thing called love.

Well, it’s time to spread some lovin’ and I’m talking about co-op gaming, folks!

It’s time to throw a frag to help thy brother or sister and not to blow them to hell, so you can unlock a silencer for your new, flashy gun. I understand that you probably don’t know where to stop, so I’m going suggest five titles in no particular order, of course, so don’t bust out the trophies just yet.

So let’s get started.

Gears of War 3 – I really would like to dub this a rental, unless you are one of those gamers who likes collecting things. The campaign will take about a weekend to complete and during so, you and your pals will be chain-sawing faces off and mowing down enemies with bullets filled with testosterone. The online co-op supports up to four players, so grab some friends (if you still have any of those) and prepare for a weekend full of action.

Donkey Kong Country Returns – This one is an intimate gem; a title made for two. You might want to reserve this for the kid in your life, or your roommate or even your soul mate. I’ll admit it, this game is a little light hearted, but don’t you hardcore gamers leave the room just yet. The game is a classic platformer with the best mechanics in the genre, accompanied by a stunning art style. Go get all nostalgic with your childhood with this great adventure platformer. Trust me, it’s pretty fun.

Lost Planet 2 –  I’ve already blogged about this game before and I’ve told you about the addictively fun online co-op experience, so I’ll just add in some small additional details. You and your pals are going to have to block out an entire week for this one. The campaign may take a few days to complete; after that the unlocks are insanely good, thus leaving you to go on another adventure just for the kicks.

Transformers: War for Cybertron –  This game only supports three players online co-op, but this gem is nothing short of spectacular. Imagine fighting on Cybertron as either an Autobot or Decepticon with the same gameplay mechanics as the Gears of War series. Don’t worry, this game has all of the cool transformation sounds from the movie that you know and love. I have a feeling that some of you out there are going to spend most of your time transforming rather than fighting the opposing side. Oh yeah, there’s no Sam Witwicky to be seen here.

Left 4 Dead 2 – This game is a personal favorite of mine. Sure, this may be just a survival horror first person shooter, but the exception to this game is that this is the BEST survival horror first person shooter out there. There can be up to four players online with tons of campaign to adventure through; not to mention downloadable content which adds entire chapters to the campaign as well. I’m sure this one will be in the rotation for a while. I think the whole zombie fever has met its 15 minutes of fame in the gaming industry, so I don’t think a sequel is anywhere on the radar for this title.  Do yourself a favor and buy (don’t rent) this game.

That concludes this list, so go out there and help thy brother or sister; you’re going to need them for these games.

Image Credit: auremar / Shutterstock

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