Top 5 Games At GDC
April 1, 2013

Top 5 Games At GDC

The Game Developers Conference (or GDC) may be over but that doesn’t mean the excitement has to be. Last week was stuffed with gaming goodness, so why don’t we celebrate all of this with a little count down of the top 5 games from GDC.

It’s a great time to be a gamer.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Yep, you knew this was coming. The Lego brand has finally invaded the likes of the Marvel Comics. This iteration looks a wee bit more interesting than previous Star Wars or Lord of the Rings incarnations since you can play as over 100 of Marvel’s most iconic heroes (that’s going to add up to a ton of clean up time). Of course, the game will sport its signature gameplay style, so players should just fall straight in to this one. Get your toy boxes ready for fall of this year.

Daylight – Zombies? Playstation 4? Case closed! Running on the Unreal 4 game engine, Daylight puts players inside of an insane asylum that is conveniently haunted, as well. Oh, and guess what else.  You don’t have a gun, or even a knife, for that matter. You have a flashlight and a smartphone filled with apps to get you to safety (it’s time for those angry birds to show someone who’s boss). Your mission is to make it out of this cryptic place alive (good luck with that).

Oh you made it out?

That’s great, why don’t you go ahead and do it again? But before you do I should mention this; the dangers as well as the hallways change every time you play a new campaign.

Look for this game later this year.

Battlefield 4 – If you haven’t been hearing the collective gasps of gamers everywhere by now then you probably live in a maximum security prison with exactly zero access to the internet. Running on the Frostbite 3 engine, the next chapter in EA’s top shooter franchise will send a team of US armed forces (dubbed the Tombstone Squad) to shoot it out on the lands of China, Azerbaijan and Russia during the course of the campaign. EA has been a bit mum on the online multiplayer, but I’m sure that it will be just as addictive as ever. Battlefield 4 will drop sometime in fall of this year.

Infinite Crisis – Inspired by the DC comic storyline of the same name, Infinite Crisis is a free to play battle arena game headed for the pc. Up to five players can team up against five other players to fight it out with some of DC comics’ most valuable and iconic characters. Jump in the fun and play as one of twelve Dc characters including Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. These characters will also support six variations of themselves since the original storyline jumps the boundaries of dimensions. There are only three maps available at launch, but the developer, Turbine, plans to release more maps and characters post release. As with most games on this list, Infinite Crisis can be yours sometime in the fall.

Thief – First-person, stealth gaming is looking to make a big mark in the industry pretty soon. In this remake, Eidos Montreal looks to reimagine the classic game for the current generation. The gist is this; you are in control of a master thief named Garret and will traverse through a steam-punk inspired world where you use such skills to progress through the campaign. The developer boasts that you will be to complete the game without committing a single murder, if you are good enough of course. Thief will hit store shelves sometime early next year.

There it is guys, the best from GDC this year. Hopefully that can contain those of you out there.

Don’t worry, I know what you are waiting for and it is almost here.

E3 is only a few months away.

Image Credit: Marvel / Lego

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