Top Games In Need Of Sequels (Part 1)
April 23, 2013

Top Games In Need Of Sequels (Part 1)

Your favorite gaming franchises are alive and well and sprouting with fruitful offspring known as sequels. This is a wonderful thing if you are part of the mainstream crowd, but I know the hipsters in you all have a gaming series in mind that doesn’t get the same love as the other AAA games that are standing on the podium.

It’s a hard fact of life, but some games just don’t get love and while other series have sequels year after year. Fans are hoping that the studio of their favorite underrated games survived long enough to continue their games.

Let’s takes a look at some titles that I think are in their full right to deserve a sequel.

SSX The series made a valiant reimagining for the current generation. The franchise brought all of the high-flying snowboarding madness with it on its trip to HD. The only gripe here was that the online multiplayer was clunky and a bit lacking. All that’s needed to be done here is that sequel must be made with tighter multiplayer and all new, crazier mountains to shred down.

Star Wars: BattlefrontThis game series never got its just due. At one point, this was the highest selling Star Wars gaming franchise of all time and probably still is. The mindlessly addictive multiplayer was just too far ahead of its time. This game is in serious need of a reboot for either the current or oncoming generation.

Now that Lucasfilm has become a licensor, it probably means more Star Wars games will be in production from different studios so maybe this has a chance. I only hope this works out because a team death match on Hoth in HD would be awesome.

Crash BandicootIt’s been a while since a real Crash game has graced the face of gaming. There’s not much to be said here, but all we need is an all new Crash game full of that trademark gameplay we know and love. No multiplayer, no Co-op, just good old goodness.

Prince of PersiaThe prince has been away for some time (maybe he’s in another castle) and frankly, I think it’s just about time for a return. It’s true that Assassin’s Creed may have stolen its thunder (and his gameplay style… just saying), but a whole reimagining of this game tittle from the ground up would be too great.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron With the first two tittles having some success, it’s a no-brainer to just go ahead and make this a trilogy. No changes for the gameplay style is required, but the cooperative multiplayer from the first installment of the series needs to make a big return if they want any hope of making a profit.

We have some time until E3 and I am hoping that all of the games on this list made the cut, because they all have diehard fans that would be able to die happy knowing that a sequel is coming to their favorite game.

Ok, maybe they wouldn’t die happy, but they just wouldn’t be bored so often.

Anyway, stay tuned for Part 2!

Image Credit: Valve Corporation

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