Tricks and Treats in Video and Mobile Games
October 24, 2013

Tricks And Treats In Video And Mobile Games

The game is afoot. This season there is such a large handful of Halloween-themed games and games that have Halloween goodies to find, we thought multiple blog posts were in order.

There are a few things going on here. You will find existing games that have some creative extras to find, such as pumpkin patches, witches on broomsticks and little goblins hiding behind objects. And then there are events that take place at particular times within games. Then there are casual games such as ones you play on your tablet or phone that have a Halloween-themed skin that gives objects costumes, or turns things into pumpkins, etc. And then there are full-on Halloween versions of casual games. This is similar to the skins, in that it is just a few lines of code that developers add to change the game into a trick or treat, but it is downloaded separately. Here are a few games we’ve seen that are timed right for the season.

X City Halloween (Aidi Game)

This city builder for the Android platform lets you take a vast swath of land and develop it as you want it. Plan out buildings, parks and roads and help your citizens thrive. The Halloween version is a masquerade of sorts where the citizens travel in costume, and the buildings become a bit haunted.

Farm Story 2: Halloween (TeamLava)

All the crops are ready for harvest in Farm Story 2: Halloween. This builder game available on the iOS platform has a witches’ brew of crops including pumpkins, corn and chili peppers. You also get to raise livestock such as skeletal cows, dressed up chickens and evil looking pigs. Farm Story 2: Halloween has all the makings of a scary good game.

Guncraft (XactoGames)

Minecraft with firepower is the name of the game in Guncraft, and in just a few days the developer will release Paranoia Mode. Start looking over your shoulder on October 28, as the Paranoia Mode combines zombies vs. humans in a way that plays out like a zombie flick. The game will be haunted by a zombie queen that appears to be a normal Guncraft soldier model, but with the power to turn any human they kill into a zombie. Of course this will grow the zombie hoard quickly for some real fun. The new update also includes features that the Guncraft community has requested including admin controls, customized voices for different skins, and melee Gunsmithing. Join the zombie-infested action in Guncraft on Steam.

Forge of Empires (Innogames)

This browser based empire game might get a little scary when a fiendish troubadour jack o’ lantern rolls into town. Along with a few songs, he’ll have some tricks and Halloween-themed quests to send you on. In this browser-based game the Halloween theme will offer unique character pictures to unlock and special buildings and cemeteries to spook the empire.

HellFire: The Summoning (DeNA)

HellFire, which runs on Android and iOS platforms, will add some scary creatures. They’ve revealed that they will have witches, mummies and scarecrows scaring up some fearful gameplay. As if the dungeons of HellFire weren’t scary enough, these creatures haunt every dark corner and create some new surprises in the game.

Monster Match (DeNA)

They did the match, the Monster Match. DeNA created a variation of the popular Bejeweled game for Android and iOS platforms that summons monsters when matches are made to help further defeat the board. This motley crew will entertain in playful and fiendish ways. The story goes that Gloom King and his Gloomlings have brought darkness upon the Prismal Islands, making them quite dismal. Monsters that typically do battle in the game will wear costumes to look even scarier for the ultimate trick-or-treat adventures.

Transformers Legends (DeNA)

Transformers Legends takes on a frightening transformation as Halloween approaches. The Android and iOS game has a new setting that takes advantage of the weakened barrier between the physical world and the ethereal plane. Starcream’s ghost crosses over and leads a fearsome band of Decepticons against the Autobot Headmasters. It might be difficult to imagine a hunk of transforming metal take on ghostly form, but it is a force to recon with.

Killing Floor Hillbilly Horror (Tripwire Interactive)

Killing Floor gets a Halloween makeover and becomes Killing Floor Hillbilly Horror Fright Yard. This game combines the unrelenting force of a zombie with some cybernetic firepower and other devastating weapons for some seasonal carnage and fun. There will be a new map for everyone who owns the game, which is playable in both Objective Mode and Wave Mode. The developers also added new achievements, and another chance to unlock the Chickenator and the Grim Reaper characters, plus Portal 2 Potato achievements.

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