December 10, 2012

Trip To The Moon Society

After 40 years of America having the bragging rights for the first man to ever land on the moon, previous NASA execs have a plan for Earth’s closest celestial satellite.

Who can judge their motives? The golden age of the space race ended when Neil Armstrong set his foot on the icygGrey colored surface of the Moon, and ever since then, that bragging right has been the exclusive trademark of America. Of course, that bragging right has been just that – a bragging right. No matter the implication of time and technological superiority, we’ve soared on that merit for decades now.

It’s time for a new advancement in modern science – a new form of fusion, maybe?

I’m almost positive that the use of rockets and are the next best thing-how many of you can actually recall in vivid memory the last time you saw or heard about a launching of a ship into space? And then again, space ships are a thing of popular media-stuck in the early decade of the 21st century. Still, we can always hope.

Unfortunately the use of rockets and spaceships in the sixties has plummeted dramatically because of the fact that we only have one Moon.

How great it would be if Bruce Almighty could duplicate it for us.

Taken from an article right here at redOrbit, my eyes landed specifically on the aspect of space exploration and possible colonization. Just for the record though, space colonization wasn’t one of the goals for these former NASA executives. But still, the aspect of it sounds quite plausible to me.

These guys want to maximize the use of space rockets by offering a deluxe space trip to the moon for 750 million a seat. Mind you, there’s only two seats per ride. Do the math and you’re looking at $1.5 billion per trip for a full house. This is a pretty neat and nifty project if you ask me – it will only cost them roughly 8 billion to get the entire project started, and in all honesty the world’s richest individuals and consumers shouldn’t have one lick of a problem forking up their hard earned money for the world’s most luxurious vacation!

But would this ordeal be simply a space ride, or a legitimate invite for the world’s richest individuals to make their own social club? Obviously, most of us would never be able to afford it and, more than likely, know anyone who would be a part of this kind of organization. But for Americans, this venture could be another method of getting our economy back into the shape that we’ve been dreaming about. Not only would the first few trips pay off the costs of the start up of the project, it would also be done quickly and in no time become a humungous asset for Americans.

How awesome would it be to say that we started that?

The first thing that popped into my head when I read about this was the sound barrier breaking thrusters of gigantic population carriers in Mass Effect. That game has done a wonderful job of opening up my imagination to science fiction and the advancements of our own accomplishments.

It’s a soft case, but my hopes for humanity are high and I have tremendous faith in the near future.

Here’s to the stars!!!

Image Credit: Photos.com

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