Trucks Of Steel Costar With The Man Of Steel
June 19, 2013

Trucks Of Steel Costar With The Man Of Steel

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In many movies, auto manufacturers make a deal with the movie company to insert cameo appearances of their vehicles as a form of advertising or a promotion of a special model. In return, many times the vehicle manufacturer will promote the movie by way of that special edition vehicle. Whether it be a Ford, Dodge, Chevy, or any other make, the vehicle is thrown in scenes of the movie in hopes the public catches a glimpse of it.

Dodge has done just that for the movie Man of Steel, which opened in theaters this past weekend. The company will not only have many vehicles inserted in various scenes, they have also built a one-off Ram truck to promote the movie.

The truck that is promoting the movie is a Dodge Ram 1500 that has been named 2013’s truck of the year by Motor Trend Magazine. This one-off truck is a special edition Man of Steel Ram 1500 Power Wagon. It has been specially designed and on June 10 it will be in New York City for the world premiere of the latest Superman movie.

After, the Superman truck will tour the country for a few months, and then will be auctioned off for charity.

The Ram is painted in a dark ceramic gray with a high-gloss black roof and red grill accents. It is wrapped in a special custom texture that was inspired by Superman’s suit. Also the S-shield that he wears on his chest will be displayed on the grill and tailgate. The 17-inch wheels are finished in a satin black.

The custom leather seats are a tribute to the Man of Steel’s suit with the Superman logo etched on them. The console also has the logo on it and matching red trim accents on the interior doors, steering column, radio cluster and seats. A Man of Steel logo is on the glove box along with a screen backdrop and start up screen on the radio cluster finishes the special Superman edition Ram.

During a press release Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer for the Chrysler Group LLC said, “We are excited to partner with Warner Bros. on ‘Man of Steel.’ With film alignment we have a fresh consumer engagement opportunity, connecting the heroic character traits of Superman with Ram’s DNA. Our custom creative and marketing program is squarely aimed at building advocacy among passionate fans outside traditional marketing channels.”

Reid Bigland, who is President and CEO of the Ram Truck Brand said, “Ram celebrates those who dare to be great and never back down from a challenge. This is the essence of Superman and also embodies our Ram truck buyers, who believe in hard work, integrity and standing up for what is right.”

A 30-second TV ad features a Ram truck along with movie footage, which promotes the movie plus the Ram trucks. The ad began to air on June 4, 2013 and a printed ad which also promotes them will run through the July 4 weekend. Comic artist Shane Davis also created a custom illustration for the ad that was in the June 7, weekend edition of USA Today.

Image Credit: Dodge

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