November 24, 2012

Two Door Cinema Club

British indie-rock sensation Two Door Cinema Club got to the top the hard way. Starting with next to nothing, they wrote a few songs – very good ones – and perfected them, with workmanlike fervor, through tireless performance and rehearsal.

After a string of preliminary EPs, this work paid off. Two Door Cinema Club found themselves signed to a label, and in a studio with a sizable budget and plenty of toys with which to frame their sporadic, expansive, but razor-focused indie-pop sound. They bring to these songs a sharp and well-informed pop sensibility.

Every song shimmers with a glow, a sunny sensibility the surrounds the music and brings a big smile to the face of the listener. The production on their standout debut, Tourist History, only further highlights those themes. The production on Tourist History also boasts this earthy punch to its sound – it gives the songs thick texture, and a deep sound, especially when played through a good set of speakers or headphones. When most records of this sort are made up of thin trebles and timid bass lines, it’s refreshing to hear a album so powerfully produced.

These happy song structures mask some more complex undertones – the lyrics of “What You Know” and most notably “Eat That Up, It’s Good For You” bite with a sharp criticism and scorn directed towards a person of interest. It makes for a rewarding and relatable listening experience, but it’s accessible enough for a casual listener. But no matter the subject matter, the band finds a way to frame the song into a positive outlook, or at least a positive resolution. Multiple times on this LP the lyrics directly reference a past love, a betrayal, or a break-up, but every time, the final thought is one of happiness.

They also experiment with their expansive collection of influences. Amidst bouncy beats (even some disco on “What You Know”), guitar and bass lines, the band also work to incorporate dance and electronic sensibilities into their songs. What’s most unique about these songs is their indescribable energy. There’s something there – so subtly hidden in the production – that give these songs an extra fizzle.

It’s a testament to their love of electronic music and the creative aspects of the remix that on their debut CD, they included a bonus – chock full of remixes by dance, techno, house, and electro producers taking a spin at Two Door Cinema Club songs. The band themselves have even attempted remixes themselves – taking cuts at songs by Phoenix, The Strokes, Young the Giant, and even Lady Gaga, to name a few. Or buy a copy of the band’s latest LP and the bonus CD will provide a glimpse into what is perhaps the most brilliant and important aspect of Two Door Cinema Club – their amazing live show.

It’s clear that Two Door Cinema Club are no flash in the pan. They possess a talent that will endure throughout an extensive career. They’re going to write a lot of great songs over the next few years. And they’re going to make a lot of people smile while they’re doing it.

Image Credit: Two Door Cinema Club

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