Unique Gift Ideas For The Automobile Nut
December 6, 2013

Unique Gift Ideas For The Automobile Nut

Every year, the majority of people drive to the mall and fight the crowds trying to find that special gift. But with the Internet and online shopping, that task has become a little easier. Still, finding that special or unique gift is a chore, especially for the person who has everything.

I just might have a solution to this dilemma. If the person you are trying to find that special gift for is an automotive enthusiast, then here are a few unique gift ideas that might help you along.

I came across this gift at the Top Speed website, it is from Design Epicentrum. It is a desk using the front nose of a Lamborghini Murcielago. It is made in a variety of colors that include orange, blue, gold and white.

Image Credit: Design Epicentrum via TopSpeed.com

Image Credit: Design Epicentrum via TopSpeed.com

The price for desk is $11,140. It may seem a little high in price, but considering the cost of a real Lamborghini, it’s a huge bargain. If you don’t have that kind of cash to spend, there are a few other gifts I found that would put a smile on the face of any car enthusiast.

Keeping with the Lamborghini, here is a great gift idea, especially if that special person doesn’t own a Lamborghini and has always dreamed of sitting behind the wheel of one. For a few hundred dollars they not only can sit behind the wheel, they can take it for a spin around a track and actually race it. It comes from Cloud9 Living.

If Lamborghini is not their style, then how about a Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette, Nissan GT-R, or an Audi V10. Cloud9 Living has many to choose from and no matter where they live, there is a package that can be purchased for their enjoyment.

What if that special person always dreamed of racing? Also from Cloud9 Living, they have gifts of speed. You can get behind the wheel of a Stock Car, Indy Car, Formula 1, Dragster, Rally Car, and more, or you can race a Ferrari, Corvette, as mentioned above a Lamborghini as well as many others.

Just for an example, at the Michigan International Speedway, Cloud9 Living packages start at $399. You are buckled into a 600 horsepower Sprint Cup style stock car, complete with helmet and driving suit. With speeds reaching 140 mph, you have the feel of a real race, and with passing allowed, that special someone will feel on top of the world. Or, as the saying goes, on cloud 9.

Cloud9 also has gift certificates available so the person can choose their own driving gift experience.

For a less expensive gift idea, a great place to find automotive related gifts like t-shirts, hats, mugs, key chains, posters, calendars and more, is Zazzle. They have hundreds of automotive gift ideas, which can also be customized to suit your needs. I have purchased a custom made mug from them before and was very pleased.

Featured Image Credit: Thinkstock

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