V-12 Espresso And Coffee Machine
January 7, 2014

V-12 Espresso And Coffee Machine

We coffee drinkers get our jolt of caffeine in many ways. Some of us get up, fill the coffee maker with our favorite coffee, add the water and when it’s finished brewing, we pour it into a cup, mug or thermos. While we add the extras like sugar, cream, or what ever else tickles our fancy, we wait in anticipation of that wake me up cup of joy.

Others will use instant, start the tea kettle and boil some water. Add in just the perfect amount of coffee and when that whistle blows to alert you that the water is ready, you pour it into your favorite cup, stir it up with any other additives you choose and enjoy.

Still, many others that are more pressed for time, or just have a store or coffee house they prefer, will grab their favorite jo on the way to work or wherever they are off to and start their day.

No matter how you take your coffee, black, cream and sugar, or with some other flavoring, remember that how you get it, is half the battle.

With that said, I came across the following at Top speed:

For the hardcore coffee drinkers who are also automotive nuts, here is a coffee machine that is, well, quite unique. It is the Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio V12 Coffee Machine. In other words, a coffee machine that is a replica of a V-12 engine, similar to those used in Formula 1 and Grand Prix Racing.

The maker of this different kind of coffee machine is Espresso Veloce. Along with the V12 version, they are also offering V10 and V8 engine versions of the coffee maker, as well. The V12 units will be made in a limited supply of 500 units, at a cost of around $16,000.

The 90 plus precision made components are the same materials that are used in Formula 1 and Grand Prix on their engines. The exhaust pipes are made out of titanium and deliver the coffee into stainless steel cups resembling a piston. A cool aspect of the exhaust is that the tips of the pipes are blued just as real exhaust pipes are from the heat of the engine.

All of the other components are made from aluminum and high-grade aerospace alloys. Espresso Veloce is also offering a Serie Carbonio Nero Black, a carbon-fiber version of all three engines.

According to the company, it is the most beautiful espresso machine in the world. It is a tribute to the Grand Prix engines of the 1990s and is the ultimate in functional automotive art. It is a half-scale 3-liter replica of a Grand Prix motor. Not only does it produce coffee, it has an oil filler that is designed for making espressos.

The creation was conceived and hand-built by Arte Meccanica.

Featured Image Credit: Thinkstock

Image Credit: Espresso Veloce

Image Credit: Espresso Veloce

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