Vegetarian (For A) Week (Part 2)
March 13, 2013

Vegetarian (For A) Week (Part 2)

You can read Part 1 of this blog, which covers days one through three, by clicking here.

Day Four: Why did I agree to this? More importantly, how is it people can consider this a “lifestyle?” This is honestly one of the worst punishments I can imagine. Hell, can we start implementing a vegetarian diet in our prison systems? A sample prison meal according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons contains three to four ounces of meat (grade or origination unknown) and costs taxpayers roughly one thousand dollars per inmate per year. I don’t think I need to go further into numbers before it becomes clear that cutting meat out of the diet of federal prisoners could save a lot of money per year. Another thing that should be looked at is that it could reduce dietary problems and illnesses that can arise from eating a meat (if we can call it that) diet, which can lead to expensive surgeries at the expensive of taxpayers. If nothing else it can just be another deterrent to not commit crime.

Day Five: Note to self, do not eat tofu after its been sitting in the fridge for a day; although I’m sure it’s still safe to eat it, doesn’t taste nearly as appealing as it did before (which is saying something because it tastes terrible to begin with). Another note is that it doesn’t have the same absorbing awesomeness of grits, and if you mix it with honey or anything it will taste terrible. Just as an afterthought, whoever said that there were no side effects to going vegetarian was sorely wrong, as my stomach has been at constant war with me and the gas has been more productive and quite more potent (as my roommate dully noted to me multiple times). Other than that, no notable changes from yesterday; sweating less whenever I run, but that may because I went at a slower pace.

Day Six: The smell of barbeque is in the air as an event outside goes on; everyone is enjoying the delicious grilled and fried meats, and here I am sitting in my dorm eating tofu bacon with enough hatred to cook the meat on the grill. I know that this is supposed to be “healthier” than choosing meat, but must it taste so bland? This is the century of people who have figured out how to make processed eggs into powder; and yet there still isn’t a way to make a grassy salad taste any more vibrant except to pour a fattening dressing on it and little cooked pieces of bread and rye. Not even going to jog, I’m getting woozy from the smell.

Day Seven: Holy crap I look great. Not being narcistic or anything, but in the past week I’ve noticed my skin clear up a little bit more each day, and today I can actually see my gingery freckles! Although there are no studies that definitively prove that eating meat can attribute to acne, in cultures that do not eat meat, less acne is noticed. Whether or not this is the cause of it, I like it.

Overall this week has taught me something I really couldn’t have learned without experiencing it myself. Becoming vegetarian is no longer just choosing to not eat meat and having factoids ready and at your disposal. It’s choosing to take on a cause which may force you to give up something you love (and have easy access to). Is it easy to stray from the vegetarian path? I can’t speak on that as I only did this on a bet lasting a week and there are people who have done this for years. All I know is that is still a choice; and although the health ramifications may hurt me in the long term, I will still eat meat.

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