VUHL 05 Entering The Market
August 27, 2013

VUHL 05 Entering The Market

The automobile industry is one where each manufacturer attempts to reign supreme over their competitors. Every year, vehicles are improved and upgraded. Fuel mileage, as well as horsepower, is enhanced. In the midst of all this competition, new companies are seeking to enter the already flooded vehicle market.

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One new company, VUHL, unveiled its 2014, 05 sports car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in hopes of sparking enough interest to begin production of this new age sports car. Success! The Edition One 05 did indeed gain enough interest, and the first vehicles will be produced beginning in November this year and the first deliveries expected spring of next year.

In a statement at a press release, VUHL automotive director Guillermo Echeverria said, “our aim for Goodwood was quite specific – to accrue sufficient orders for a batch of 20 ‘Edition One’ (top specification) models and with the serious enquiries already received from the UK, Central Europe, USA and Mexico, we are well on the way to achieving that and more. Production will therefore commence in November as planned, with the first cars due to enter customers’ hands during the spring of next year.”

He added, “We could not have wished for a better response from the media and public alike and, as hoped, it is clear the car is just as appealing to those wanting an ultra-cool car for the road as the serious track-day enthusiasts seeking an alternative to the offerings of more established manufacturers. The enthusiastic feedback we’ve received has been very rewarding. People generally love the car’s unique design, build quality and highly competitive power to weight ratio. We’ve been asked everything from whether a coupé version is on the cards to whether the roadster will form the basis of a one-make race series. The answer is ‘watch this space’, for anything is possible!”

It seems as though there were enough orders to begin production and orders can still be taken to increase the original goal of 20 to be manufactured. The price for this innovative designed open top sports car is in the neighborhood of $86,225.

The 2014 VUHL 05 is an open top sports car with a track minded design. It weighs just 1,532 pounds, and is powered by a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine. Don’t let the engine size fool you. It produces an impressive 285 hp, and 310 pound-feet of torque. The engine is bolted to a six-speed manual transmission that lets it sprint down the track with a 3.7 second, 0-62 mph and a top speed of 152 mph.

Funding for the VUHL program came from the Mexican Government as well as private donations. During Mexico City’s annual “Entrepreneurs Week”, Mexico’s president, Enrique Peria Nieto, unveiled the new car and urged people that attended the function to sit in the seat, start the engine and rev it up.

The next showing of the VUHL 05 prototype will be at the lifestyle event Salon Prive, London, from September 4-6 and it will be in good company with other exotics like Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, and Noble.

Image Credit: Vuhl via Top Speed

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