November 21, 2012

Wait… Alcohol Saves You Now?

Forgive my blatant ignorance, but it was my understanding since the age of fifteen that alcohol has always been a substance that contributed to the deaths of people and small dogs.

I will admit I have a bit of a dark, and some would say biased opinion on the consumption of illegal substances in American society In some cases I actually stand along the more ‘liberal’ side(Don’t judge me) of the agenda in regards to this phenomenon. But even I draw the line when scientists decide to shatter my perception of reality with an interesting fact that they originally warned against.

Like when they told everyone that women couldn’t play Halo 3.

Dear god were they wrong.

Let’s track back in history for a minute. For those of you who aren’t used to my history rants, I like to rant about history.

Now that we got that out of the way.

I prefer to lament on The Prohibition-These are one of the more conservative movements that the Government has endured, along with Americans of course. I’m sure most of you know that The Prohibition was the legalization of alcoholic beverages most prominent through all of the 1920’s and even saw a bit of the early 30’s before it was eventually ratified. Except for Mississippi.

Ol’Miss Issippi didn’t step in line with the rest of the country until 1966.

Catfish and brandy, anyone?

Scientists have made the remarkable study, or eventual realization that is, that injured patients going to the emergency room are more likely to survive intensive care then sobered patients.

If you’d like read to the article, click here. Reading further into the text, we are informed that alcohol as what scientists refer to as a “Protective Effect” on your traumatic system when in shock. Have you ever heard of an individual dying simply from fear of death?

It’s actually possible.

They claim that the more alcohol that is in your system, the stronger the effect of its protection on your amount of shock. Perhaps its a depressant on your nervous system? Alcohol carries with it the natural tendencies of a traditional muscle relaxant. This, among other effects on your brain such as decision making highlight the key points in an argument for why you shouldn’t drink. Scientists make an exception in noting that alcohol’s effects have very little protection if the patient is burned in an accident.

Oh Joy.

Now all I need is protective flame armor the next time I decide to indulge in drinking-which could be thirty years from now if I manage to keep my focus on this Rubik’s Cube.

Just one more side.

This actually does spark my interest: the human mind, apart from the fact that we can’t move things other than emotional Titanic fans on Friday night, harbors very interesting and remarkable aspects. For example: Did you know that the human brain runs the potential of emitting special radio waves during certain activities in our day?

It’s true!!!

This article tells it all. My theory on the human mind in regards to that is that when we sleep, a conscious part of our brain, which blocks off certain radio signals that carry certain psychic abilities like foresight, are allowed to flourish when we dream.

This explains cases of Deja Vu in which people claim to only have seen in their sleep.

Sounds crazy?

Good I like crazy. Keeps the Sand people away.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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