Washington Judge: Return The Marijuana.
May 2, 2013

Washington Judge: Return The Marijuana

“But it went up in smoke, your honor.”

Tacoma police in Washington are really up for a seriously strict yearly review in what I can only describe as the single most amazing display of human rights ever shown by an authority figure. That is, if that authority figure was a court justice.

Joseph Robertson is, for all intents and purposes of description, a normal American. Robertson had his bag of hash confiscated last year in May when an officer pulled him over for a speeding ticket. In the event of giving Robertson his ticket, the cop also took his bag of marijuana as it was illegal then. Later that year, small bags of the substance were granted legalization by the state, to which prosecutors dismissed the case in December.

Now it seems Robertson is asking for his weed back, almost an entire year after it was taken from his possession, but not before providing legal documentation that it was for medical reasons. The hilarious turn to this scenario is that Judge Emmery is actually warning the officer to return it by May 2nd, “Or next week, show up, and I would advise you to bring counsel.”

This is just comedy.

Tacoma police, however, refuse to deliver, asserting that “It’s Tacoma’s case…if they want it, they can come and get it”.

In all honesty, this sounds a lot like a bout of pride for Tacoma police. Just imagine; doing your job to its fullest (and sometimes, most ridiculous) extent to which the state later legalizes the substance. Exactly why won’t the officer return the marijuana to Robertson?

More importantly, why is Robertson asking for it an entire year after it was confiscated?

The legalization of marijuana is becoming a hot topic for local and federal debate as American citizens and politicians alike are turning their heads back towards the subject. Decades ago this movement was hardly worth discussing to the black suits in Congress. Now, California and Colorado have both legalized the substance under the requirement that it be taxed like any other product in the U.S.

Can you say comedy?

Our society has changed rather radically in the past few years, more so than it has in the past thirty. Often times I find myself in the same discussion with my peers over the events that have led us to our style. Modern American vigilance on world terror, various booms in popular culture with television, and, of course, the Olympics represent this change. Video games, MTV, and Disney channel have all come a very long way since the days of Mouse in the House, but where exactly are we?

I’m only 20, so don’t expect an answer from me. Instead you should let me know what you think on these events in the comments below!

Image Credit: Photos.com

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