We Need Help
February 27, 2013

We Need Help

According to Teen Mental Health, “The statistics are staggering … 1 in 5 suffers from a mental illness, that’s 20% of our population but yet only 4% of the total healthcare budget is spent on our mental health.” This is not helpful because mental health care is very expensive even if you have some kind of insurance.

The less assistance we are given to get help, the fewer people who go to get help because they cannot afford it. If I had known I was going to be in such a money crisis, I would not have gone to the hospitals and wouldn’t owe around $2000 just for two hospital bills. That doesn’t even include my new counselor and psychiatrist and the medications.

Though I have a feeling that more people have a mental illness than have been interviewed, it just has not been recorded; especially since people look down on others for having a mental problem. I remember in fifth grade people said I had a disease and made fun of me, my teachers would not call my name on the roster, etc. Nobody likes people knowing about their mental state because we like to think we are “normal”.

We need more options for getting help that we can afford.  And if we do go see somebody, we end up stopping the service because it becomes too expensive. If we cannot get help then we become worse and start getting put in hospitals because we are trying to kill ourselves or out of control. Our health is at stake, yet no one really cares if we can get the help we need. You say “get help”, but you do not give us resources.

According to Reuters, “11 [million] mentally ill report ‘unmet need’ for care.”

A mother talking to a reporter from Reuters said, “We fight with doctors, our insurance company, educators, each other; the list goes on and on … It isn’t even a system. It’s not like there’s a call center to help you figure out what to do and how to get help.” I agree with her. I am most likely going to have to change my health insurance.

So if you are having trouble paying for mental health care, look at all your options; get pamphlets on different facilities and health insurance, find out costs. See what you can afford, but make sure the service is good. States are slashing the budgets given to mental health care facilities and health insurance companies are not paying what they should.

There is just not enough mental health awareness. People do not realize how bad it is until someone gets on the news; then it is forgotten or those of us with mental problems look like crazy people.

Keep getting the help you need or find some help that will suffice till you find something better. Remember email me if you need to talk or comment below.

Stay Strong my reader <3

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