Weather And Climate: One Complete Climate Cycle
May 6, 2013

Weather And Climate: One Complete Climate Cycle

The image below is looking at our current climate cycle that we are in right now. Climate is defined as 30 years or greater; I have come to believe, with some of the data that I have found, that one complete climate cycle takes closer to 60 years to complete.  So, if you may recall, the 1970’s where known as a Mini Ice Age on the planet, so we will label the first blue box on the left 1970. Now if we rise up to about 1985-90 we find the first green box, this time period is when we started to see stronger warm events and weaker cold events. Then we hit 2000’s and the world was on a crash course to death, so scientist where saying; except for this Scientist, I have been studying this long enough to know that it was not a human induced CO2 crash course. But now let’s look at the next green box coming down from the red box. This we will label 2013-2018 a cooler period, not cold but cooler period we will see a mix of events however the colder events will start getting stronger, like the large Arctic Outbreak in North America January 2013 or how about the May 2013 Winter Storm; both cold events and both strong.  So, for the next few years we will continue in this green box era. By about 2030’s we will be into another blue box, when the cold events start to be more pronounced than the warm events. Who knows, maybe another Mini Ice Age will setup in front of our eyes. They might need to be using ice breakers further south again to break water ways open just like in the 1970’s.  So, as we continue on what I believe to be a 60yr climate trend, prepare yourself for the colder time ahead; how cold will depend on many things from the sun to the ENSO Phases and the likes.  For the last part here, just to firm up my statement a little more, let’s look at the definition of climate one more time.

Blue represents Cold Cycle, Green represents Transition, Red represents Warm Cycle Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Blue represents Cold Cycle, Green represents Transition, Red represents Warm Cycle
Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Climate is defined as the AVERAGE temperatures and moisture of any given area over a period of 30 years or greater.  I bolded those two parts for this reason here. If you recall from math, we need to have variant numbers to get an average, especially in weather because your high temps don’t stay 70F for 30 years straight; not likely. So that means we have to have a period that is colder which will allow us to get lower numbers into the average. This means that some years are warmer 2000’s and some years are colder 1970’s and now 2013. The next part I bolded was 30 years or greater. I personally think that one complete cycle is 60 years to get from one warm cycle to another warm cycle or vice versa. The example given above and again here; 1970’s record cold sets in to the United States, 2013 record cold settling back into the United States. This time period is longer than 30 years but less than 60 years because we are looking at the only two cold cycles not the entire cycle, which I believe is 60 years.

Well now, you have my point on climate cycles and I hope to see you back for my next climate post.

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