Weather Investigation: CO2 Hits The 400ppm Milestone - Why You Should Care
May 13, 2013

Weather Investigation: CO2 Hits The 400ppm Milestone – Why You Should Care

I would like to start today’s blog post with the graphical information below. We are looking at two lines here; the CO2 line (which is in black) and the Earth’s temperature (which is in red).  You can see there is no denying the fact that CO2 is rising. The graph above stops in 2010 when the CO2 levels were at above 385ppm; however, look at the red numbers on the graph above, which was provided by the Hadley Centre and Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia. We can see the temperature has been fluctuating. This graph only goes back to 1995, but it does give us time to see the trend of CO2 rising at fast rates and also the fluctuating in temperature, which is going to happen.  Now, everyone may recall in 1998 we had one of the strongest El-Nino’s on Earth; we were entering into the Solar Max during this time, so both events helped fuel the warmer temps. However, if you look at about 2009, you can see the temperature drops way down. Why? CO2 was still rising and that should have kept the temperatures rising, right? That’s what we have been told or are being told to believe. So, why did they drop to that level? The first answer I have is right around 2009. We went into a Solar Min, when the sun is less active which allows the temps to cool down. We also threw a La-Nina into that time frame, as well. So, based on that knowledge, I would be more likely to believe that the sun does control our temperatures; the proof is right in front of your eyes on the chart. However, the CO2 misunderstanding is also right in front of your eyes. The black line did rise just like people said; however, the temperature is not behaving like that, giving proof that CO2 is not the main contributor to global climate change.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Here are some other interesting facts that I would like to share with you. First, the CO2 levels have hit the milestone 400ppm, that is true. Second, the Earth has now started to cool down; that is also a fact as record cold has been setting up over many places in this 2013 year. The CO2 leaders are China and the United States; that is also a fact.

Now that we have the facts, let’s look at some more stuff. The two countries I just mentioned above both had record cold setting winters. But they produce the most CO2, so they should be the warmest, right? Next, CO2 levels were this high during the Pleistocene Era, so the Earth has seen CO2 levels this high before. So how come there were no power plants and cars during that time emitting CO2, but the Earth did see those types of CO2 numbers. How is that possible? Probably volcanos brought on those types of numbers.

My next question is, how many times are these people going to change their story before they just realize this is part of the natural cycle. I mean, in 2000 it was doom and gloom for Global Warming. Then in about 2009, when the Earth started to cool down and not go up with the CO2 levels, Climate Gate appeared in the news; somebody leaked non-warming information. Magically in that same year we started to hear a new term used; “Climate Change”, hmm?? Why the change other than Climate Gate opened up some eyes? In 2012 more documents were released that stated not all of the Earth was warming, only parts of it. Was this another taste of Climate Cycles, maybe?  In 2013, the UN climate panel issued a statement saying that the Sun has more impact on climate than originally thought; yet another change to their story. Also in 2013 another statement released that Climate Scientist are coming to terms with the “Lack of Global warming” now. So, someone please tell me why this story needed to be changed so many times? I think they just changed their answer to complete one entire solar cycle. I mean this all started in 2000 when we were near a solar max, then in 2009 the name got changed because we entered a solar min; in 2012 another change of approach as another solar max was setting in.

This is for you to decide, but having a degree in meteorology and studying this type of stuff for 17 years, I think this is a huge climate cycle that repeats itself. Sometimes it is worse than others leading to our warming planet and then also leading to our Ice Ages that the Earth has had. But CO2 has always been present at high levels or low levels, so I really think this is what we should be preaching about CO2; leave it completely out of climate change to start with. Secondly, preach the true meaning about high CO2 levels and that is “Human Health.” This is the true reason we should be worried about high CO2 levels; it’s not good for our breathing or our health here on Earth and it has no place to be even considered a climate impact. So, I think the political driven scientist really needs to start sharing the truth behind high CO2 levels and that is our health problems, not the climate.

I will give Al Gore credit for this statement, “We are altering the composite of our atmosphere at an unprecedented rate.” That quote from Mr. Gore is very true, but he fails to mention that we are impacting our human health, not the climate; he insists that it’s all about climate change but it’s not. It should be tailored to Human Health Risk, which it will impact. I mean look, T-Rex once roamed this planet, and then he was wiped out, possibly during extreme volcanism periods which would release huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. It might have been breathing problems that choked out the dino’s. However, did you notice the Earth kept going on? Oh, and the climate went into another ice age, as well. So, we really need to watch the CO2 emissions for human health, not the climate. Trust me, the climate will be just fine; however, your health and mine might not be as well off if we keep raising the CO2 levels.

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