Weather Investigation: February 19, 2013
February 19, 2013

Weather Investigation: February 19, 2013

In today’s episode of Weather Investigation, we are going to look at the northeast United States and try to figure out why all the attention is given to them before and after storms.

The first thought that comes to my mind as a meteorologist is that every storm that hits a place no matter where it is will have impacts; but for some odd reason when a storm gets ready to hit the Northeast they think and treat it as the “End of the World”.

One of the most logical reasons that I can think of is that every major news agency has some sort of headquarters in the Northeast, meaning that this is always “Breaking News” to them. By having offices in the Northeast, it might mean that this is more important to them than any other storm at the time. Here is my case for that; the past storm that hit the Northeast during the month of February 2013. They started eyeing this storm about a week in advance saying, that it’s a monster and it will have significant impacts to the area, which it did. However the media and larger private weather agencies took it to the extreme and overestimated the storm. Yet a day later, in the Northern United States through the Dakota’s, another storm was occurring and this one kind of went under the radar in my eyes from these big news agencies; probably because two feet of snow falling in the Northern Plains is not important enough to them, unlike when it happens in the Northeast. Oh! But wait! New York didn’t get all that snow it was hyped up to get.

Next, thing that comes to my eyes is this past fall when Hurricane Sandy or Super Sandy (whichever you prefer) made landfall in the Northeast; again the hype for this storm was extreme. Why? I have no idea why so much hype was put behind this storm, other than the media wanting attention and the population that was going to be impacted. This just makes me believe that we have a very heavy weather bias to the Northeast when the storms impact the region. This is no one’s fault other than the social media wanting to explode everything into super-size for attention.

How about this idea; maybe it’s because of the population in the Northeast United States is why so much attention is given to storms that hit this region. Maybe it’s because the United Nations is located in New York and they are the founders of Global Warming and they want all the news media coverage to occur along the Northeast just so it supports their efforts to push Global Warming (or should I say Climate Change, which is their new term of the Era).

Here’s another idea; maybe it is because of the infrastructure that is located in the Northeast and how it may be getting old and needing to be replaced soon, so that if they provide more coverage of this area it can support upgrades to the buildings as more public aid will be available for them in the Northeast.

Whatever the reason maybe, you will notice that in the news you will great coverage for the Northeast before any storm comes, however for the rest of the country it’s a wait until the damage has been done coverage mode. That is why as a Meteorologist myself, I feel it’s important to get the coverage out to the public for their safety without holding a bias to a select region that is being covered.

Image Credit: Joao Virissimo / Shutterstock

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