Weather Investigation: Global Warming IS Real
April 1, 2013

Weather Investigation: Global Warming IS Real

The following post was part of an April Fools Day prank and should not be taken as “truth.”

Wow! Has anyone felt this spring weather so nice, snow piling up, blizzards creating havoc in the US and Europe. Geez, it’s only stupid for someone to now not believe in global warming. Then the other day, reading an article, it all came together, the evidence supports global warming so much that you had better stop driving your cars now!! Before it’s too late and the CO2 levels go through the roof.

I mean, in the 1970’s the CO2 levels were rising and the planet was cooling, so all of these new cars driving down the road are just killing our planet, we need to stop driving these cars before our lives end.

The Arctic Ocean continues to melt at rapid pace, causing a disruption in the Polar Front Jet Stream, forcing it to sink further south later in the season. It is bringing all of this extra cold weather to the southern US and parts of Europe that should be warming in March are still dealing with record setting cold.

Just the other morning, I remember waking up and the air temperature here on the Gulf of Mexico was 31F, which set an end of March record for cold weather. It is all lining up together now, that the earth is being altered by all of this Scientific CO2 input. You just have to believe me when I tell you that we are in trouble as the seas continue to rise and the storms become more extreme.

Wow, I am so glad that during the last solar maximum period Al Gore taught us all of this useful stuff about CO2 and dirty gases and how they are ending our lives. Luckily, in 2009, when we stopped driving our cars, the US recorded snow in all 50 states at the same time. Oh yeah, that doesn’t happen to often, but it did.

So, on this  April 1, I personally am ready to admit that by you driving your car you are killing our planet, so please for the sake of mankind “STOP” driving your car and walk so that we can cut down on this CO2 that is forcing us into this warming period, or we will suffer dearly. So, you know that all of this time I have had the stance that climate change was NOT created by CO2 increases. But on this April 1, I must tell you that I now am a firm believer in CO2 warming the planet.

But then I looked at the calendar and noticed that it was April 1, which only means one thing. “April Fools!” I had you all fooled into believing that driving your car was creating a warming earth and, worst yet, I had you thinking I believed that. Ha! To this day I will not buy in on the CO2 from our cars as the reason the planet is warming; however I will share this with you. I just completed my Climate Book and will be sharing it with you here at on the new Weather and Climate Blog that I will be posting, so that on a serious note I can explain to you the real reasons of why we have cycles in our climate. So please make sure to check out this new blog as I want it to be informative to you so that you can learn everything; even the things that scientists hide from you just so they can get you to believe them.

One last note to leave you with; this is probably my favorite scientist in history, his name is Sir Isaac Newton and his laws, especially this “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So as we go through this new climate blog, keep that in your mind and you will understand the climate so much better.

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