Weather Investigation: Global Warming - Really?
April 25, 2013

Weather Investigation: Global Warming – Really?

So to everyone out there that still loves and lives by this Global Warming concept, I would like to share some information with you. The below image comes courtesy of NOAA. In this image we are looking at the top being March 2013 and the bottom being March 2012.

As you know, I have personally been a true believer in “Climate Cycles,” which you can find here at, which explains my standpoint on climate and also my new climate blog that I have been providing as well.  But what I would like to show using this image is that it fits right in line with what my thoughts have been all along; our climate goes through cycles.

Image Credit: NOAA

Image Credit: NOAA

First, it is important that we understand the word “Global”. In my eyes that means the entire globe, correct? Well, it is important to understand the entire globe will never heat at the same time. This goes back to a Law of Physics known and created by Sir Isaac Newton. He stated the following in his 3rd law: “For Every action there is an opposite reaction”. Now, how can that apply to not only weather but also climate? Here is how and the image above tells the story in a cool colored graphic, as well.

First, climate is a 30 or more year average of temperatures and moisture for a given location on the earth. The key word is average. To get an average of something, you have to have numbers involved and to make an average some numbers are going to be lower/colder, while other numbers are warmer/higher. The image above March 2012 the entire eastern two thirds of the United States was warmer. However, in 2013 March, that same area was colder. March of 2013 being colder occurred because of a number of things; first the earth maxed out on its solar cycle and is now moving towards a solar min, which means cool downs will become more likely during this phase. While in March 2012 we were in our Solar max phase, during this phase we see that the sun emits more radiation to the earth, which has helps lead to warmer weather during this phase of the earth’s cycle.

So, based on what we have been told by my counterpart scientist, that when all of these automobiles have been driven and these power plants are releasing the CO2 to the atmosphere, our earth should be on a rapid warming trend. Well, the image above tells the story, which is a very FALSE statement, for that to be true. Most of the United States would still have had an above average 2013 March; however, they didn’t and the evidence is in the image above, if you don’t believe me.  So, either in March of 2013 people stopped driving a lot of cars (and also the power-plants stopped producing CO2 emissions) or it was really that cold this year.  But if it had been, the Power-plants would have released even more because of the demand for heating during that month, but we still were below normal.

So, for all of you diehards that believe in Global Warming because the Government told you so, hopefully you can now see the evidence yourself and see that the Globe and the Climates of the Globe will go through cycles. They have since the earth has been here and they will until the earth blows up and no longer exists.

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