Weather Investigation: Is Earth’s Changing Tilt Leading Us To A Warming Globe?
March 23, 2013

Weather Investigation: Is Earth’s Changing Tilt Leading Us To A Warming Globe?

So, I have been wondering this myself lately; the polar ice caps are melting, ice has mass and weight, could this melting of the ice caps be one reason for our earth taking a different tilt?

Because if you look at it from this perspective, the poles are both held by ice, keeping them in position, but if you start removing some of that mass through glacier melting (which seems to be happening at record speed), could this be enough of a mass shift to make the earth start tilting? So, as the glaciers start melting away and the earthquakes are starting to get stronger, are these two forces working hand in hand to make our earth take on a different tilt and maybe even a different wobble?  That leads me to this finding; in “1891 Seth Chandler proposed the wobble of the earth, now known as the Chandler Wobble”. So, maybe what he was seeing back in his days was the same kind of thing that is now becoming present with our earth; he stated this “The earth has a Far and Close wobble to the sun”.

So, taking his wobble into account, let’s take a closer look at what could be happening. Let’s imagine that the two poles filled with ice are weights keeping the earth at our tilt. Now, if we start to remove some of those weights, it allows the earth to tip a little bit easier. Now also take into account the larger earthquakes that have been happening; they shake the earth, which could also help to alter the earth’s tilt and spin.  So, why do earthquakes play such a big role? If you think about the sun, it releases a lot of energy towards the earth and can interfere with our magnetic field. This in return could be the reason the earthquakes get larger, due to the magnetic shift that is happening inside the earth as we continue to wobble closer to the sun.

Could these two factors working together actually be the cause of our “Climate Change”, and not us driving our cars down the road?

I believe as these two factors continue to work, we may see this wobbling continue for some time before it corrects itself. How can it correct itself? By heading back into a colder cycle of the climate, which puts more ice back in place, creating more weight on the earth again forcing the tilt to alter back and the wobble to change back into being further away from the sun; again part of the Chandler Wobble.

So maybe those predictions that I have been seeing  for the next twenty years of possibly returning to a colder planet are going to be true, as we exit the small wobble of being closer to the sun and start heading further away from the sun again.

Well we will just have to wait and see what the years ahead bring us. Who knows? Maybe in five years we may just be talking about global cooling to a small scale like the 1970’s all over again.

Image Credit: iconspro / Shutterstock

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