Weather Investigation: Is The Colder Climate Cycle Returning?
August 20, 2013

Weather Investigation: Is The Colder Climate Cycle Returning?

In this episode, we are going to talk about a few things that I have been watching for some time. I keep getting called out as being part of the three percent of scientists that don’t believe in global warming. Well, I have, over time, showed my side of the story. Today I am going to show you some more very interesting things to add to the fuel of my belief that the Climate goes through Cycles. As you know, I have always been a firm believer of Climate Cycles. Just this year I did two presentations called “OUR CLIMATE.” I have been building the blog, as well. Today we are going to investigate a few things that are taking place.

First, we will start with the sun. As you may know, the official solar forecast is that the solar max has arrived and we will now be leaving that cycle and heading towards a colder cycle of the sun. This will have impacts; just remember the winters of “2009” that was the extreme La-Nina winter. We won’t be that bad yet; that is still in the years to come, probably around 2015. But with the sun leaving its max and heading to its cooler period, this only means that the heat source of the earth is about to cool down.

Secondly, let’s talk about the things that have already started to turn in support of the colder cycle. Did you know that in 2000 we had record low amounts of sea ice in the North Pole? Here are two interesting facts going on right now over the North Pole. First, the sea ice concentration this year didn’t get that low, meaning more ice remained this summer over the North Pole. Secondly, the North Pole has had below average temps this summer which means the cold air is already in place over the North Pole and ready to begin its march to the south (just like what we seen in July, temps dropping into the record setting 40’s).  I really believe that these would be solid indicators of what’s to come this winter. I am currently working on my fall outlooks, but expect to return to later, around October, to see my winter outlooks and how impressive they will be this year with increased snowfall, snowfall further south, as well as deeper and longer cold snaps; but I don’t want to give my forecast all away yet.

Now, let’s look at one other thing that makes me a strong believer that we are seeing our colder cycle arrive; the South Pole and the Antarctic. The sea ice this winter is rivaling some of the highest concentration levels that they have seen in a while, meaning the ice coverage is pretty thick in the Southern Hemisphere this winter.

All of these are indicators that, if looked at closely, can really set the stage for what is to come this winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Due to the lack of La-Nina and El-Nino this winter, we could be looking at more areas being cold and more snow.

This will make for an interesting winter to play out.

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