Weather: Now And Then (February 21)
February 25, 2013

Weather: Now And Then (February 21)

Let’s take a look back at past years and see how much different the weather is/was for today from year to year. This blog will cover February 21st for the years 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2013.

2013: The February of winter is the best way to describe this month for many places and even some places that have been lacking winter for a long time got some snow. A major winter storm moved out of the southwest on the 21st and into the South-Central Plains, dropping significant amounts of snow in places like Kansas, Oklahoma, some significant ice in Arkansas, and more heavy snow through Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri. This storm has given some places in these areas near two feet of snowfall.  The heavy rainfall that spread through western Texas also makes headlines for this day in history, while the cold air did find its way into the near record or record low temps over the Desert Southwest and into portions of California in the higher elevations.

2012: This 21st day of February 2012 brought heavy rains to the eastern Dakotas and also help set a few and/or tie a few record warm temps over northern Minnesota, other than that it was a milder pattern compared to this year as many places enjoyed warm weather, something that is lacking this year for the U.S.

2011: February 21st saw a very active pattern setup over the U.S., with a major winter storm rolling through parts of the Northern Plains and into the Great Lakes, which was responsible for the heavy snowfall that extended from Eastern Dakota’s to the East Coast of the U.S. into the New York area. Just to the south of the cold air along the cold front, a nice area of moderate rains also setup and pushed across from west to east impacting places just south of the moderate snowfall.  The warm air was well established from the central part of Texas all the way across the Gulf Coast region and into the southeast, with places setting record high temps or approaching their record high temps on the day. A few pockets of colder air also developed over the Western Rockies and a second pocket developed behind the front over the Northern Plains as both of these places saw temps at or near record setting cold air for the day.

2010: Another active weather pattern setup on this day in 2010 with a big west to east storm system that moved through with heavy to moderate snows from eastern Nevada to Chicago. As this storm pushed across the country, it also had a rainy side to it which setup from Arizona to Arkansas. This storm eventually pushed up into the Great Lakes and out. A few locations of below normal temps setup over the northwest United States in the higher elevations of the Rockies and Cascades.

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So after examining the past four years we can see that any given year things can really change, such as the warmer year of 2012 (that everyone blamed on Global Warming and Climate Change) to the winter of 2013 which I consider the reality check winter.

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