January 18, 2013

Weather: Now And Then

This blog will take a look back at past years and see how much different it is from year to year. This blog we will cover January 17 for the years 2010-2013.

2013: A major winter storm spread from the Gulf Coast towards the Mid-Atlantic bringing many places heavy snow that usually don’t get heavy snow. There also was a major area of heavy rain and sleet mixed together from Central Mississippi northeastward through the Mid-Atlantic Region. During this same time there was record heat going on over Florida and the extreme Southeast portions of Georgia and the Carolina’s all of these places where ahead of the frontal boundary.  During this same time on the other side of the country over the Southwest they were dealing with record cold temperatures  for places in Southern California and also Arizona and parts of New Mexico.

2012: The 17th was not very active as we note that the Southern states from Texas, Louisiana and into Arkansas and Mississippi where actually dealing with heat some which broke records, while places in the North from Illinois into Indiana actually where dealing with record setting rains in January not snow. The coldest record setting cold was held to a small portion of Central California. While a small area of recorded setting snow was occurring over the Pacific Northwest.

2011: The Western states shared in their wealth of record warm on this day as many records were set throughout the region. January 17 also brought a small swath of record snowfall to the upper Midwest from Southern Minnesota across to WI and into portions of Illinois. 2011 also brought on this day a few record rainfall events across the South.

2010: The biggest thing on this day in 2010 was the heavy rainfall that moved across the region from the Gulf Coast all the way into the Mid-Atlantic region a very similar pattern to this year in January except that this year we have more cold air in place and that is why we are dealing with the winter weather along that same path.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

January 17 over the past four years has provided us with many extremes from heat, to cold air outbreaks and even snowfall record setting events, but a larger impact every year tends to be with the rainfall records that are being set.  This could all be in part to our Climate cycle and how we have been moving through a warmer portion of the cycle at this time.

Featured Image Credit: Photos.com

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