What if?
February 28, 2013

Weather: What If? February 28, 2013

What if?

This happens.

A low pressure forms off the east coast of China and brings moderate rainfall to the coastline along with strong southerly winds and higher seas to the region. Then on the 28th this same low moves off the coast of Japan and brings moderate rain to Tokyo and snow to the higher elevations.

How about on the 1st of March when this storm moves into the Kuril Island chain and brings with it very strong winds and high seas along with rainfall for the lower elevations and snow for the mountain tops on the islands.

Then on March 2nd it was to move into the western Gulf of Alaska and create high winds and seas for the boating operations in that area, along with some snow for the islands of Alaska.  But then on the 3rd of March it moved over the southern tip of Alaska and brought strong winds and snow to the region.

March 4th the storm then moved into the Gulf of Alaska and started to bring higher seas to the Pacific northwest of the United States and Canada. Then by the 5th of March this same low pressure began to move over near the coastline of Canada and brought rain to the coast and snow to the  higher elevations of the region.

By March 6th this same low pressure that started out over by China would now move into western Canada and bring strong winds, along with mountain snows and valley rains to parts of western Canada.

Now, by the 7th of March this same storm found itself in the Canadian Rockies brining a large amount of snow to the region along with colder air and strong winds.

March 8th would be another day in the life of this low pressure system as it moves into central Canada brining snow to the region along with stronger winds, but this same low now decides to push a cold front through the Northern Plains of the United States and brings some light snow to the region maybe around 1-3 inches of snow for places like North Dakota and Northern South Dakota along with the Northern part of Minnesota. The same day this low pressure area would also start the formation of another low pressure that develops over the Southern Plains and brings not only cold air but another chance of seeing snow for this region along with severe weather to the Gulf Coast again.

This is all a big what if situation. However, if it does happen are we ready to deal with the weather it brings to us.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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