Weekend Weather: March 23-24, 2013
March 24, 2013

Weekend Weather: March 23-24, 2013

Weather Recap from the Past Week:  Australia continued to experience warm weather throughout the outback. This week brought more snow for the Great Lakes of the United States, with many places getting over six inches. A powerful storm system moved through the southern plains this past week and brought with it a large area of snowfall for places like Arkansas and extreme northern Mississippi and Alabama. The cold air has played a major role in the delay of spring for many places throughout the Northern Hemisphere from America to Japan and Russia, also Europe as places in Europe were still getting snow this past week. The heat really settled in over the Middle East and into India as places saw high temps soar into the upper 80’s and a few lower 90’s.

Weather Headlines for Sunday March 24:

A major winter storm will track across the United States bringing moderate snowfall from Kansas all the way into the Ohio River valley. On the southern portion of the front look for the chance to see severe weather spread along the Gulf Coast into portions of the southeast around Georgia and the Carolinas. Activity will pick up in Southeast Asia along the tropical convergence zone. Look for another warm day over the northern and western parts of Australia.

Weather forecast for select cities across the globe for March 24, 2013:

New York, NY: Look for a few clouds to begin developing towards the afternoon. High temps will be in the lower 40’s (12-16C) with overnight lows falling to the upper 20’s (-8C). The winds will be from the northwest around 10-15mph (15-20kmph).

Tokyo, Japan: The region will see mostly cloudy skies and winds from the northeast 5-10mph (10-15kmph). High temps will be around 54F (12C) and low temps near 46F (8C).

Sydney, Australia: A nice day to start, with partly cloudy skies giving way to mostly cloudy skies by afternoon and a few showers moving into the area by evening. Total rainfall will be around 0.1in (2mm). High temps will be around 81F (27C), with low temps falling to around 73F (23C). The winds will be northerly 10-15mph (15-20kmph).

Hong Kong, China: The region will see sunny skies and a very nice day. High temps will be around 75F (24C), while overnight lows will fall to near 72F (22C). The winds will be southwest 10-15mph (15-20kmph).

New Delhi, India:  Sunny skies and very warm. Look for high temps around 91F (33C), as low temps will fall to around 73F (23C). The winds will be from the southeast 10-15mph (15-20kmph).

London, England: Mostly cloudy skies and cold as high temps will be around 32F (0C), low temps will fall to around 28F (-3C). The winds will be from the northeast 20-25mph (30-40kmph).

Image Credit: txking / Shutterstock

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